It can suck up carbon 40 times faster than a rainforest and it’s on your doorstep 

Photo credit: Ben Blanche. The still shallow waters of Lake Boomanjin at sunrise.


You can help a natural superhero fight climate change. And we’re not talking about the Amazon. Able to sequester carbon 40 times faster than rainforests, wetlands then keep it locked away for thousands of years, too.  

Raise awareness of this unsung hero and celebrate World Wetlands Day on February 2 by sharing some of these amazing facts with your friends.

Better still, coming out with Conservation Volunteers Australia to do something practical that makes a real difference. 



Bibra Lake, WA 

Derwent Estuary, TAS 

Gladstone, QLD 

Sydney, NSW 

Adelaide, SA 

Brisbane, QLD

Mackay, QLD

Melbourne, VIC


Our squishy saviours also absorb and filter potent toxins and pollutants to purify water before it reaches streams, provide a nutrient-rich home for wildlife and are among the most biodiverse, productive and regenerative ecosystems in the world.  


Photo credit: Olyve Le Souffache. WA Wetland.


More you can do to help 

As part of #GenerationRestoration #ForWetlands, there’s plenty you can do with Conservation Volunteers Australia.   


Make conscious choices   

Learn more about your local wetlands and what they do for the community and the environment, as well as the threats they face, like invasive species, pollution from waste and chemicals, drainage and impeding developments.

Find out more with our Revive our Wetlands project events.


Persuasive Voices 

Become a nature steward who advocates for protecting local wetlands and restoring degraded ones. Maximise awareness of wetlands and the importance of their restoration by sharing your learning and knowledge and encouraging others to make conscious choices and take action.  

Bold Actions – this means using your own power to create change and support wetland restoration, locally, regionally or nationally.    

How? Get involved in our Revive our Wetland events and contributing through hands-on conservation actions at your local wetlands. Find a Revive our Wetlands project near you: 


This project is made possible through the support of our partner, Chevron Australia.  

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