Inaugural Launch of World Ocean Day Down Under

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) is excited to announce the launch of World Ocean Day Down Under, a call to action for ocean, wetlands and rivers.

“Almost all Australians (87%) live close to the ocean or to the rivers and wetlands that are integral to the health of Australia’s coast while the majority (80%) of the plastics that plague the ocean originate in rivers, creeks, and storm water systems.

World Ocean Day Down Under is an invitation for Australians to implement straightforward yet influential actions to aid ocean health and climate stability. It’s a segment of the broader “ocean 365” strategy, promoting perpetual oceanic and climatic consciousness and activities.

The ocean is the pumping heart of our planet

It provides us with oxygen, regulates our global climate through highways of moving currents, and provides food for people and marine wildlife alike. However, our ocean is under threat from human impacts such as litter and other pollutants, which kill and injure wildlife, and pose a threat to human health.


We’re playing our part in improving ocean health

In the last 3 years alone we have mobilised 11,000 volunteers to locate and remove over 19,000 kgs of litter. That’s more than 380,000 pieces of litter with 299,300 of those life-threatening plastics taken from beaches and rivers around Australia.

In 2024, under the banner of “Sea the Change”, we are working with key partners and communities to not only remove harmful plastic pollution, but to highlight and influence the behaviours and systems that allow it to become a problem in the first place.

Read our Charter for Change and find out more.


From January to March 2024, we’ll be empowering volunteers throughout Australia in our commitment to:

  • Help remove rubbish from entering the environment.
  • Continue to work with CSIRO to expand their National Plastic Pollution Baseline Survey across the country.
  • Improve biodiversity, climate resilience, blue carbon storage potential, and habitat for our hero species on 14 wetlands in 6 capital cities and 3 regional centres.
  • Work alongside and supporting 80 community “care” and First Nations groups to catalyse action for ocean, wetlands and rivers.

CVA Corporate Partners Protect our Oceans

Since 2020, powered by the volunteer efforts of tens of thousands of Australians, our partnership with CSIRO has provided insights into the sources of waste entering our waterways.

Fifty of the country’s largest businesses have also joined us to locate and remove marine litter from beaches, preventing it reaching or re-entering the ocean.

In 2024, with World Ocean Day Down Under as our major promotional event from January to March, we have over 75 community volunteering Action Projects scheduled, and significant media campaigns prepared, to make an even greater impact on the health of our ocean.

We’re launching World Ocean Day Down Under in Brisbane and you’re invited!

Click here to RSVP

Explore the beach and nearby RAMSAR listed wetlands as we collect, and record rubbish found in the area to help contribute to the CSIRO’s Global Plastic Pollution Project.

After our clean up join us for a BBQ in the park! 

Let’s collectively make a splash for positive change — every action counts towards a healthier ocean and a more resilient climate. Join us, and be a part of the change that secures the future of our ocean for generations to come.

A Pioneering Partnership for Marine Health

Conservation Volunteers Australia is World Ocean Day‘s first official “National Partner” — a significant stride towards empowering communities to nurture a healthier ocean for future generations.

The Ocean Project launched global coordination of World Ocean Day in 2002. Powered by the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council, with 25 members from a similar number of countries, this unique global celebration of our one shared ocean unites the world for collective action, in June and throughout the year. We engage the World Ocean Day network all 365 days for stewardship and collaborative action to improve national and international policy. For more info:

The future of Australia’s ocean, wetlands and waterways is in our hands. Help stop litter at its source.

Join us and help us #SeaTheChange!