Helping wildlife at Wilsons Creek Public School

Recently, students at Wilsons Creek Public School in the Northern Rivers got the chance to install some nest boxes near to their school.

The project aims were to:

  • Learn about animals that use hollows, and
  • Put up nestboxes for wildlife habitat.

These beautiful drawings were an extra bonus outcome of the project!

First, the students learned all about how different creatures need different-sized nest boxes.

Then, we look inside – what kind of creature would live here?

Here is everyone ready with the nestboxes in their local natural area.

Let the nest boxing begin!

Getting the gear on:

And away we go! Hold on tight!

These cameras will help us to keep track on the lucky new residents…

Steady as we go…

Et voilà! One nest box, ready for its new tenant.

Wait…what’s this?

Looks good…

Hey, mate! Come and check this out! You won’t believe it − it’s an empty pad, just our size!  How lucky are we!

Hey! I’m trying to get some kip here!

Home, sweet home…

Are these two pieces of wood outside our nestbox? What could they be?

Aha! A tawny frogmouth!

This box is much too small for a possum, but she’s giving it a go anyway…must put a possum box up next time!

Nothing beats learning that happens in the wild!

This project was made possible because of the support of many, including

  • Woolworths Junior Landcare
  • The Glossy Black-cockatoo/Greater Glider Nest Hollow Project
  • Margie Hall
  • Outdoor Cameras and
  • Us, Conservation Volunteers Australia!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us – here’s to many more nest box adventures!