Greta is focused on the value of Landing Lights

World Wetlands Day called for Action For Wetlands, and our community delivered.

Landing Lights Wetland

Image copyright of Cooks River Alliance


Revive Our Wetlands launched on WWD with an event series around the country, with the aim of restoring wetlands to protect and restore their potential to capture blue carbon, as well as the many other functions that wetlands carry out for our planet – from being a home to our feathered friends, to cleaning the water and protecting us from storms.

We spoke to volunteers from around the country to hear what got them out of bed on a Saturday morning, and out into their local wetland area with us. This is Greta’s story.

“I’m Greta Werner, a casual University sociology tutor while also being a Councillor for Bayside Council.

I joined today’s event as I hold a very strong connection to the local area. Previously, a developer wanted to build a series of apartments and a golf course just north of the wetlands. By taking action as a community, we successfully stopped the proposal moving forward. Ever since then, I’ve been drawn to Landing Lights Wetlands.

I’m motivated to take action for wetlands, as I know just how valuable wetlands are. Wetlands can do a lot more to soak up carbon than other ecological communities, therefore enabling us to take action on climate change.

I also find it very relaxing to spend time amongst the wetlands – their beauty and seeing all of the bustling wildlife are a real highlight. Everyone can take small everyday actions to protect their local wetlands, for example picking up rubbish when walking past and keeping dogs on a leash to look after our birdlife.”



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If you're keen to take action just like Greta, why not find out more about Revive Our Wetlands and join us to make a tangible, meaningful difference to your local area?