Because cities infused with nature produce happier, more resilient communities.

Improving life in cities

Our goal is to use nature to improve the quality of urban life.

Whether in regional or metropolitan settings, most Australians live in cities. As our population grows and the pace of life grows with it, it is all too easy for us to become disconnected from nature, or to feel that “real nature” is far away from us. Our Greener Cities campaign provides opportunities for people to make their homes, streets and neighbourhoods greener, happier, more liveable places.

Our Urban Wildlife projects encourage the creation of more wildlife friendly suburbs. From butterfly-friendly backyards to safer ways to live with our wild native neighbours, these practical projects let us all reconnect with living nature no matter where we live, or how busy we might be.

Personal resilience is closely linked the connections we have to our families and communities. Our Grow Your Own projects create stronger community connections by empowering people to grow and share food that they’ve produced together close to home. Whether it’s sharing cultural knowledge through traditional recipes, practising seed-saving techniques handed down generations, or simply enjoying the proven mental health benefits of getting your hands in the soil as a novice gardener, these projects offer ways to connect simply and powerfully with each other – by tending nature in all its marvellously edible forms.

If you haven’t heard the term “heat island” yet, stay tuned. As summer heatwaves become more frequent, neighbourhoods with low levels of shade (and high levels of concrete and bitumen) stay hotter for longer, especially overnight. Local governments and health authorities across Australia are increasingly concerned about the impacts of high overnight temperatures in these heat islands, as they have serious health implications for vulnerable people, and increase energy use, putting stress on energy supply networks. Fortunately, we can begin to lessen the impact – with trees that give cooling shade.

Through our Green Shade projects, we partner with local governments and our community supporters to add cooling shade to neighbourhoods in need.

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Get involved

We’re here to make it easy to take action for nature across Australia, and we would love your help. Check out the ways that you can get involved in your local area.