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Are you looking to spend more time outside but don’t have your own garden?

Or maybe you’d like to enjoy the company of like-minded people, and want to do something meaningful with your time?

Would you like to do some exercise that’s fun, but don’t like gyms?

Green Gym for Seniors in Sydney is a FREE program for anyone aged 50-80 in practical conservation that aims to improve health, wellbeing and create vibrant community spaces.

It’s outdoors, it’s fun and you’ll be learning new skills, meeting new people and giving back!

What’s involved?

There are three locations around the Greater Sydney Region:

  • Tuesday’s and Thursday’s program is at – Fairfield Community Nursery
  • Wednesday’s program is at –  ‘The Habitat’ Community Garden in Ryde
  • Friday’s program is at – Randwick Community Centre and Environment Park

A typical Green Gym session goes for three hours and will involve a warm up activity to get you ready for the day and a cool down after your session. You’ll be guided in practical conservation and gardening activities such as planting and potting, collecting seeds, watering, harvesting food, mulching and much more.

A delicious and healthy morning or afternoon tea is provided, and engaging conversations encouraged. We encourage you to come along once a week to feel the full benefits of the program.

A single designated pick up and drop off area will be provided for each location.

Project locations

Select a project below to view more details regarding the project location.

Morning session on Tuesday and Thursday – 8:30am to 11:30am

Located in the heart of Fairfield just behind the Nalawala Community Hall at Fairfield Showground, sits a new native community nursery. The nursery provides a vital source of native plants to the surrounding community members and green spaces. In fact, it produces around 80,000 tube stocks a year and with your help that number can grow! You will be assisting local nursery volunteers with vital activities such as planting, potting and the collection of seeds to keep the nursery growing. You will gain important skills and learn all about the world of native Australian plants.

You morning or afternoon tea will be spent in the Nalawala Community Hall, which is an incredible innovation of sustainable buildings; an eco-friendly process that uses giant straw bales as building materials. It is a hub for the community to learn about sustainability, environmental issues, and many exciting workshops.

Register Your Interest - Tuesday morning

Register Your Interest - Thursday

Morning session – 10:00am to 1:00pm
Afternoon session – 1:30pm to 4:00pm

‘The Habitat’ is a volunteer run community initiative that incorporates a native plant nursery and a community food garden. It is run in partnership with City of Ryde council and encourages locals to learn something new, meet new friends, share their knowledge and do something that will help the local environment.

You will be helping to maintain and harvest sustainable gardens, which incorporate habitat plants as well as and food plants. The plants grown can be donated or sold to local bushcare sites, schools, members of the community to help increase the native biodiversity in the area and create habitat havens in the area.

This Green gym site also sits alongside the beautiful Santa Rosa Park. Not only is this a habitat corridor lovely to walk through, it is also in need of a bit of TLC. So, as well as helping in the nursery, we will also be spending some time working within the park to help restore it to its previous glory and bring native birds back into the area.

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Morning session – 9:30am to 12:30pm
Afternoon session – 1:00pm to 4:00pm

The Randwick Community Centre and Environment Park offers a diverse range of permaculture and gardening activities, from forest and kitchen gardens, wild food and native plants, aquaponic and vertical gardens and seed saving.

Our Green Gym activities will focus on tasks such as weeding and mulching the gardens, helping to fill and plant the raised garden beds and harvesting the varied produce, including vegetables, edible flowers and native bush foods. As well as harvesting, activities can include seed collection and plant propagation which is such an important part of the growth and future of the community gardens and it is helping build up the important stores of seeds.

The gardens at Randwick Community Centre serve an educational purpose for the local community where people of all ages can “learn-by-doing”. It also creates a shared community space that brings people together, building valuable social connections.  Thirdly, the produce is available for harvest by participating members of the local community.

With raised garden beds and vertical gardens, this project is well suited to varying abilities and levels of capability. The site is a welcoming green oasis in the heart of Randwick, a fantastic mixture of parkland, landscaped and natural areas.  We know you’ll begin to relax and unwind in the tranquil settings while enjoying the company of like-minded people. Remember to go at your own pace – take it as easy as you like or make it more challenging.

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How do I get involved?

Green Gym will start the week beginning the 15th October. Don’t forget to register your interest with us! You will be updated with more details closer to the date.

  • Give us a call for more information or to register your interest over the phone – 02 9331 1610
  • Send us an email – [email protected]
  • Come into our office for an informal information session. Call us to book a time.
  • We can also send you out an information pack with a registration form.

Green Gym is proudly supported by Family and Community Services.