Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Conservation Volunteering Projects in South Australia

Image courtesy of Tourism Australia.

South Australia is considered as one of Australia’s hidden gems, with beaches, wineries and the outback all located within a relatively short distance. Adelaide is the state’s picturesque capital, surrounded by hills on the east and over 70 kilometres of coastline on the west, and with a population of only 1.3 million the pace of living is much more relaxed than other cities. The Mediterranean climate and an excess of 2,500 hours of sunshine each year also contributes to the enjoyment of residents and visitors. The majority of our projects are undertaken at various sites across Adelaide, with many unique habitats and important ecosystems being able to be encountered within our urban limits. Your free time at weekends offers you opportunities to jump across to the world famous Kangaroo Island, enjoy a day at the beach, hike in the Adelaide Hills or just wander through the generous boulevards and elegant architecture of the city (costs of weekend activities are not included – food and accommodation is provided at our base in Adelaide, however you are welcome to explore further afield in your free time. No refund is given for any meals missed or accommodation that you don’t use while you are sightseeing).

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Examples of projects in South Australia include:

  • Restoring unique habitats: Patawalonga Creek contains the last remaining example of the vegetation that was found across the Adelaide Plains before European settlement and Vernal Pools are temporary bodies of water that provides habitat for specialised plants and animals that have evolved to survive the seasonal changes. Both of these sites are of high conservation value and their protection and enhancement are a priority. Practical activities are undertaken to continue protecting the site from the pressure of surrounding urbanisation, such as reintroducing local plants, weed management and surveys to gain a better understanding of the different species that are using this habitat.
  • There many remnant vegetation reserves in the Adelaide Hills that provide important habitat for native animals, such as koalas and birds. Enjoy these beautiful biodiversity hotspots while helping to remove invasive plants to allow the natives to flourish and therefore provide habitat for the local wildlife. Other activities include creating and maintaining walking trails, which are essential to preserve local habitat and provide a wonderful insight into the efforts that are required for the establishment and maintenance of tracks and trails.
  • Many coastal areas of around Adelaide have become degraded due to human impacts, particularly the spread of invasive weeds. These projects all provide spectacular views while undertaking activities to extend native vegetation within coastal dunes, remove marine debris and control weeds to protect previous revegetation efforts.


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