Volunteers jumping in the air in celebration after tree planting at The Island, Victoria.


Conservation Volunteers welcomes everyone who shares our love of nature and commitment to conserving the environment. Not only that, there are many benefits to becoming an environmental volunteer such as learning new skills, improving health and well-being, and developing a sense of place in your local community – what’s not to love!

Come join the fun and volunteer on our conservation projects across Australia. Discover your local environment or visit somewhere new and make a difference to our natural habitat by volunteering for single day or multi-day projects.

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Bushfire Recovery

On 13 January 2020 Conservation Volunteers Australia was selected to coordinate the national environmental volunteering response to the bushfire crisis by the Australian Federal Government.

We are developing our plan to make the most effective contribution to the recovery efforts regionally and nationally. This will play a significant role in an immediate environment emergency response and a longer-term environmental recovery led by the regions affected. We expect that we will be providing thousands of volunteering opportunities for the significant work needed in the weeks, months and years ahead.

For more information, please see our Bushfire Recovery page.

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Please register your interest in bushfire recovery with us via this form, and we will contact you as soon as opportunities for supporting bushfire recovery become available:

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Volunteer across Australia

Conservation Volunteers offers opportunities to volunteer on conservation projects in each of Australia’s states and territories. Learn more about some of the types of projects we offer in each state and territory:


Conservation Study Tours

Conservation Study Tours are tailored for student groups, both domestic and international, and focus on teaching the next generations’ about our global ecosystems and the current global pollution phenomena. Students will have the opportunity to study and participate in on-going practical conservation activities.

Conservation Study Tour Flyer

Please contact our bookings department for more information.

More ways to volunteer

Employee Volunteering

Conservation Volunteers provides fun, easy and rewarding volunteer opportunities for your employees to get their hands dirty and engage with their natural environment. We have national coverage, can provide a range of activities and cater for different levels of ability and fitness.

California Exchange Program

This program offers the opportunity to volunteer alongside the California Conservation Corps, the world’s oldest conservation corps on a range of practical projects that take place in urban, regional or remote areas across California

Volunteering FAQ

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