About Bushfire Response & Recovery

We want to acknowledge the incredible work of Australia’s fire-fighting and emergency response services (and teams from overseas who joined the effort), which was and continues to be so reliant on volunteers. Those teams went above and beyond to save lives, homes, as well as protecting wildlife and important habitat where possible.

In many areas across the country the assessment of losses caused by bushfire and planning for recovery continues.

In Australia (and around the world), people still want to take action, yet struggle to know how to go about it. We have a proven track record of getting people involved in environmental restoration action and have the expertise, people and knowledge to support ecological communities that have been affected by the bushfires. We’re working closely with partners in affected regions to make sure people can be involved in this recovery.

We are developing our plan to make the most effective contribution to the recovery efforts regionally and nationally. This will play a significant role in an immediate environment emergency response and a longer-term environmental recovery led by the regions affected. We expect that we will be providing thousands of volunteering opportunities for the significant work needed in the months and years ahead.

Whilst the fires are out, fire grounds can continue to be dangerous long after the event. Please check with local authorities before you enter any fire grounds.

Bushfire Restoration Volunteering

We’ve launched a new platform for people who want to take action, to find opportunities to get involved.

Holey Plans fire ravaged

Roster your projects

If your organisation is involved in recovery efforts and needs support for that work and wants to join the CVA bushfire relief project rostering portal then click this link to qualify your organisation.

Get Involved

Conservation Volunteers Australia makes it easy for people to care for nature by getting involved in conservation action across the country.