Because pro-nature behaviour and skills require active nurturing


Nurturing good relationships

Our goal is to grow cohorts of people who are motivated and equipped to provide practical care for nature


The Future Stewards campaign enables people to develop their understanding and connection to nature, inspiring meaningful action, informed by science, fun and a trusted network of community and research organisations.

Stewards can achieve positive social and environmental impact, building confidence and capacity to help local communities act for nature.

We deliver our Future Stewards campaign through three initiatives

Healthy Planet, Healthy People

Building a more harmonious and helpful relationship between people and nature, engaging and activating communities through the connection between planet health and human health.

We know that happiness, vitality, and life satisfaction is strongly associated with connection to nature. The Healthy Planet, Healthy People Initiative uses the best research to shape how we connect people with nature, especially in places where disconnection with nature has become pronounced.

Research shows us that many people want to play their part to re-balance nature but don’t know where to start. This data-driven capability informs how we educate and inspire active community participation in restoring nature and human wellbeing.

Healthy Planet, Healthy People Projects
  • Evaluating and measuring impact
  • Designing for impact


Nature Ambassadors

CVA offers people who share our values a place to belong, connect, and contribute to the community and environment. Nature Ambassadors learn and develop with like-minded people, innovating and acting with CVA to achieve environmental and social impact. 

Our Nature Ambassadors initiative curates this community of inspiring people, nurturing and activating their desire to be instruments of change. Nature Ambassadors support the delivery of a range of CVA events, and work with their communities on innovative, co-developed activities wherever they are, reaching out through their networks to prompt nature stewardship in others. 

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Nature Ambassadors Projects 
  • Conservation leadership 

Our approach to community leadership involves supporting people to develop their own capabilities to shape and lead on-ground and virtual volunteering activities. Nature Ambassadors learn and share their knowledge, develop, and extend their leadership experiences, and build capacity and confidence to influence others for the benefit of nature and community wellbeing. 

  • Youth Voice – Schools 

Young people can feel overwhelmed by the scale of environmental problems facing the world. In some cases, this can lead to feelings of disengagement or disconnection. Through action-based participation and learning approaches, CVA tackles a root cause of youth disengagement by taking young people seriously and giving them important things to do. 

Through learning and leading environmental activities with their peers and in the community, young people develop relevant work skills and capabilities, promoting social inclusion and increased confidence to participate as effective citizens. 


Nature Explorers

CVA inspires exploration and discovery in nature, providing volunteering opportunities to connect with and understand our natural world. Regardless of where you’re from, or where you live, all it takes is curiosity, a sense of wonder and a bit of time. 

Making Citizen Science fun and relevant is the Future Stewards mantra, increasing community participation in important research, building ecological literacy, and re-connecting people to nature. 

Get Involved

We’re here to make it easy to take action for nature across Australia, and we would love your help. Check out the ways that you can get involved in your local area.