From miner to depollution expert, volunteering with CVA literally changed Kim Florentin’s life

This has to be one of the most inspirational stories we’ve ever heard! From miner to depollution expert, volunteering with CVA literally changed Kim Florentin’s life.

“I was looking for some volunteering to do on my spare time. I was working FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) in the mines… I know, not very environmentally friendly.”

“I wanted to do something to ‘compensate’. After a few minutes of research on the internet, I found CVA. It looked pretty straightforward: just sign up and go. I found other organisations but you had to get previous references to join and I did not have any. CVA has different types of events every week and I loved it.

“My favourite activity with CVA was picking up litter on the beach. I would go adventuring in the dunes with my friend Tom (he has been volunteering for CVA forever).


“Tom is incredible, he is an inspiration to me, he has such an incredible energy. He is 80 years old and will go up and down the dunes, bending over, even climbing over fences just to pick up one little piece of plastic. Along the weeks, we got very close and even if I am back in France, we still keep in touch.

“I did also like to participate at the Revive our Wetland project at Bibra Lake. I learnt how to recognise some invasive species such as cotton bush and fleabane!

“This experience with CVA helped me grow, being more aware of impact we have on our planet. Even though I miss my CVA days, it confirmed my choice to go back to France and study to protect the environment. I am currently doing a bachelor in environmental sciences and ecotechnologies. I would like to become a depollution technician.

“I would say just go and have fun! You will meet good people, and have a good time. Every time I was coming home with a big smile on my face waiting for the next event. And that way, you will meet my friend Tom and keep an eye on him for me…”

Kim Florentin


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