Evan Kruckow COO


I have come to the conservation and environment domain very organically as I have grown up with a passion for outdoor work and recreation. This is a focus I bring both to my work at CVA and also to my role as a father and parent to emerging custodians of the great outdoor spaces we have here in Australia.

My career at CVA is a storied one as an experienced project, safety and environmental practitioner with plenty of practical experience in leading large teams to achieve health and safety, system and technology outcomes. I bring skills in policy/procedure development, strategic planning and delivery of process and cultural change across diverse teams to my role as COO.

I love working with a diverse team and the enjoy the leadership challenges of responding to the changing needs in today’s workforce. My most important job is keeping people safe whilst they are delivering on CVA’s project portfolio – something that is not always front of mind when thinking about conservation work but a very complex and important consideration, nonetheless.

When I am not at work I can frequently be found out in my boat in the tropical north enjoying a spot of fishing.


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