#DoOneThingToday – Celebrating World Wildlife Day 2021

We’re asking our community to #DoOneThingToday for World Wildlife Day.

This year’s theme is Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet.

Though World Wildlife Day is an annual celebration, wildlife conservation is an issue that needs attention and action every day.

The threats weighing on wildlife and biodiversity are often big and complex, so much so that individuals might feel powerless about them. However, every person’s small actions add up to a much larger solution, which can make the difference between species and ecosystems surviving and thriving and having them wane and even disappear.

So we’re asking you to #DoOneThingToday to make a difference and help wildlife conservation right here at home. We know that Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate of any country in the world, and the Black Summer bushfires have increased the strain on many of our animals and ecosystems. So we’re asking you to get involved with an exciting new project we’ve launched in partnership with The Australian Museum.

This month, we are launching onto DigiVol Wildlife Spotter with digital expeditions set to feature images from our national camera trap array in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales. Our wildlife monitoring camera traps are being used as part of our projects monitoring species such as Eastern Barred Bandicoots in Victoria and Tasmania, Southern Brown Bandicoots in South Australia and Koala populations in NSW.

Our first expeditions are sourced from camera traps at the Woodlands Historic Park, an Eastern Barred Bandicoot sanctuary in Victoria, which we manage as part of the EBB Recovery Plan. Camera trap footage will help inform Eastern Barred Bandicoot recovery efforts at the Woodlands reserve and judge the success the extensive use of conservation fences to create a predator exclusion zone.

Whether you want to become part of an exciting new community of people around the country who are changing how scientific research is happening, or just keen to see a cute bandicoot doing it’s thing at night, you can jump in and #DoOneThingToday right now!



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