Developing an Impact Framework with Accenture

During the last year at CVA we have been reimagining our role in creating a world in which people and nature flourish together.

Through this time, we’ve been developing new projects and exploring new modes to support people to take action for nature. As Australia’s experts in engaging communities in nature stewardship action, we embrace best practice in measurement and impact reporting. Today we’re delighted to announce that, thanks in big part to a collaboration with Accenture Australia, we have developed a framework to measure our impact as we work towards our goal to build and activate a national community of 1 million Nature Stewards.

Across the for-purpose sector, there has been a growing need for organisations to share their impact stories, supported by tangible evidence for reporting to stakeholders. This can be difficult as organisations like CVA provide wide and varied social, environmental, and economic value. Investment is required to capture and interpret the impact of these multifaceted benefits, and communicate these with the world.

We would like to thank the Accenture team for providing first-rate pro-bono support to lead a deeply co-creative process which brought together CVA staff, partners, and volunteers to contribute to developing our impact framework.


“We are thankful to the Accenture Corporate Citizenship and Accenture Development Partnerships teams for this generous support at a crucial stage in our evolution as an organisation. We’re on a journey to build a nationwide community of Nature Stewards, a million people taking actions for nature to build stronger communities and resilient ecosystems by 2026 – and this work helps underpin that purpose with real and tangible insights. Thank you to Accenture – we’re excited to build on your work in the coming months and years.”

– Phil Harrison, CEO, Conservation Volunteer Australia (CVA)


What’s next for this work? Well, the new CVA Impact Framework is already helping to guide evaluation on existing projects which are making a difference in the world – such as #SeaToSource, a community-powered approach to tackling ocean litter around Australia. In addition, the framework will help to design new projects, data collection systems, and inform reporting moving forward.

“People want to know that the investment of their time, funding and support is going to the right places and will make a real impact. This has led to an expectation that for-purpose organisations will be able to provide insight and detail into not only their actions, but the benefit those actions have had. This is a challenge for the for-purpose sector, but with the right tools and frameworks, they have the best impact stories to share. We are delighted to have partnered with Conservation Volunteer Australia to develop their impact measurement framework. They do great work, and we look forward to this being recognised and shared in future.”

– Julie Long, Accenture Australia and New Zealand, Corporate Citizenship Lead


You can expect to hear more about our impact framework in the coming months, as we have big plans for how it can support our community to see their contribution towards rebalancing nature and making a difference for some of the big, complex challenges of our times.

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