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Leading change for people and the environment with Treasury Wine Estates

CVA is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) on an innovative partnership that will be leading change for people and the environment.

The new partnership will help provide habitat for animals in need through the sale of TWE’s new lighter in alcohol brand Behind the Sun by supporting CVA’s Million Wild Homes initiative, which is part of our Wild Futures Campaign.

Echidna in South Australia

Our Million Wild Homes initiative aims to help bring regions back into balance by combatting habitat loss and building wild homes to help nature and communities thrive together over the long term. Habitat loss is one of our major threats and our ecosystems are at risk of disappearing, which is why this initiative is committed to contributing critical on-ground work and offering communities access to new leadership development opportunities and support.

Through TWE’s support we aim to help reduce biodiversity decline and improve and maintain healthy ecosystems for wildlife in these critical regions.

For each bottle of wine purchased from the Behind the Sun label, $0.20 cents will be donated to CVA’s Wine and Woodlands project in the Adelaide Hills and Mount Lofty regions of South Australia, to help build habitat for animals in need.

Mount Lofty, SA

Photo by Greg Johnston (Creative Commons)

South Australia has a very high rate of historical land clearance and contains many threatened ecosystems, which is why this partnership is so important.

Keep an eye out for the Behind the Sun brand and their eye-catching label that changes colour in the sun!


About Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates is one of the world’s largest wine companies, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, and everything TWE does is dedicated to their vision of becoming the world’s most admired premium wine company. Their new lighter in alcohol brand empowers customers to play a role in supporting habitat regeneration.

Behind The Sun range is currently available at selected Dan Murphy’s or BWS around the country.

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