CVA Partners with Chevron to Find Nature Based Solutions to Climate Change

CVA has proudly joined forces with Chevron Australia in a new partnership which will contribute $3.45 million to nature-based solutions to tackle climate change over the coming 3 years. 

Coastal wetlands act as blue carbon systems, and freshwater wetlands as teal carbon systems, which are both critically important in regulating greenhouse gases and capture carbon. So together with Chevon Australia, CVA is aiming to restore and protect wetlands across Australia to tackle climate change under our Revive campaign.


Australia is home to 66 Ramsar listed wetlands of significance across the country, covering more than 8.3 million hectares. As the driest inhabited continent on the planet, water is vital, yet we have already lost more than 50% of our wetlands.Why are they so critical? As well as being vital in tackling climate change, wetlands reduce the impacts of floods, offer significant ecosystem services and improve water quality, as well as being home for a wide variety of native animals, fish and plants. Many which are unique to the wetland environment. 

CVA chief executive officer Phil Harrison said wetlands are among the most productive and biodiverse ecosystems in the world, and growing global research is unlocking their potential as natural carbon sequestration and storage systems.   

“Australia’s wetlands are thriving sites of carbon storage – accounting for around 10 percent of the world’s blue carbon ecosystems – but they’re disappearing at a rate three times faster than forests,” said Harrison.  

“This significant investment from Chevron will see 10 wetland locations across Australia receive critical restoration and contribute to innovative blue carbon research.” 

CVA and Chevron Australia are engaging communities in caring about the significance of wetlands for the wellbeing of our planet and acknowledge that humans have a vital role in a thriving future for our planet. 

Chevron Australia managing director Mark Hatfield welcomed the announcement.

Managing director Mark Hatfield said Chevron Australia has worked with CVA to protect the local environment through workplace volunteering and community programs for more than 15 years.

“Chevron Australia is pleased to build on our relationship with Conservation Volunteers Australia and look forward to working together to advance innovative carbon capture and storage research,” said Hatfield.

Additional funding in from the partnership will establish our Urban Shade project within Greener Cities Campaign, tackling growing problem of urban heat islands. 


Find out more about Revive Our Wetlands here.



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