CVA joins CSIRO in nationwide project to eliminate ocean-litter

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) is committed to reducing the amount of plastic and other litter ending up in our oceans and waterways through #SeaToSource, as a part of our wider Revive campaign. How are we doing this? Through on-ground actions like beach clean-ups and working with communities to identify litter hotspots so we can implement actions to stop litter at the source of where it comes from. 

We’re now pleased to launch our partnership with CSIRO, where together we’ll be collecting data to form a national snapshot of how much litter is in our environment. This will be achieved through field surveys that document the distribution of plastic and other litter on land, beaches, coastlines and in our waterways.  

In case you don’t know, CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency and innovation catalyst. They work to solve the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology, and collaborate to boost Australia’s innovation performance. You can find out more about CSIRO here.

This collected data will be used by CSIRO’s world leading researchers to help Australia respond to the global waste problem by changing the way we make, use, recycle and dispose of plastics through:  

  1. Revolutionising packaging and waste systems: recycling, reusing, redesigning and eliminating plastic packaging through better design, materials and logistics.   
  2. Behaviour change and incentives: generating value for plastics through fundamental changes in human behaviour.   
  3. Waste innovation: applying circular economy principles to generate effective solutions for plastics recycling and reuse across the supply chain.  
  4. Supporting best practice and standards: advising on the development and implementation of standards to support business, industry and the public in reusing and recycling plastics, including guidance of recycled plastic content to ensure food security and reduce waste.   
  5. Information for decision making: applying our knowledge to inform policy decisions. 

Together, we aim to collect data from as many locations around Australia as possible, so no matter where you live, we’re inviting you to get involved! Over the coming months, our Revive Project Officers on the ground will be offering training to anyone interested in participating in the project. From there, you’ll be a part of a nation-wide community of volunteers wanting to do their part to protect the natural world around them. 

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