CVA Celebrates New Partnership with Domain

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Domain, a household name and property marketplace that is committed to supporting the environments and communities in which we all live.

Domain’s partnership with CVA signals their strong commitment to our cause and to strengthening biodiversity across Australia.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia. At Domain, we believe in giving back to the communities and environments that support us. This partnership represents our dedication to preserving biodiversity and fostering sustainable practices across Australia. Together, we can make a significant impact.” – John Foong, Chief Commercial Officer & Managing Director, Domain.

Corporate volunteering for conservation: growing Nature Blocks and helping restore habitat

Woman creating a Nature Block, planting in a container.

Creating a Nature Block is not only fun but a great way to help your local biodiversity.


We’re delighted to see the growth in corporate volunteering for conservation and to have supporting partners like Domain committed to inspiring everyday Australians to create a positive impact through their living spaces.

Through this partnership, Domain plans to champion conservation at home among their team, which is 900 people strong, inspiring employees to create spaces for nature in their gardens, on their balconies or in their communities.

Domain’s employees will be able to download the free CVA App to access guides and information on how to create Nature Blocks and which native plant species to grow.

We’re looking forward to seeing some pictures of the Nature Blocks that get created and how they will help attract and support biodiversity!

You can create a Nature Block anywhere! From your backyard to a balcony, or community space.


In addition to creating Nature Blocks, Domain’s employees will also have the opportunity to join CVA in conservation volunteering activities across Australia.

Corporate volunteering facilitates team building and employee engagement, while providing the chance for people to be immersed in nature and doing something positive for the environment.

Audrey Barucchi, CVA’s Executive Manager Engagement, commented, “We are excited to welcome Domain in inspiring everyday Australians to see their living spaces as the start of their conservation journey.”

How to follow companies like Domain in making a difference for nature

CVA invites everyone to get involved in protecting and restoring nature.

You can download the CVA App and join our community of Nature Stewards and find resources to create your own Nature Block, and view all the upcoming conservation volunteering events across Australia.