CVA and Treasury Wine Estates partnership: Connoisseurs can now protect nature when purchasing wine

CVA is delighted to announce our innovative partnership with Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) that will be leading change for people and the environment.

Every time you purchase a bottle TWE’s Devil(ish) wine, you’ll be actively helping to build back nature.

Wines supporting conservation

There are many ways that your everyday choices can help support conservation. That includes choosing to buy wines that support conservation initiatives.

By buying this wine you are supporting Conservation Volunteers Australia and their work to protect the Derwent Estuary in Tasmania, home to numerous threatened species such as bandicoots, devils, quolls and birds.


Help CVA achieve another million actions for nature by 2030

At CVA we’ve already inspired over a million days of action and planted over 20 million trees – but we can do so much more with your help.

By contributing $10 or more, you can help to support our work for threatened species on land, in rivers and the ocean.

This includes:

● planting thousands more food trees for koalas and our Glossy Black Cockatoos,

● creating wetland habitats for our native frogs in towns and cities across Australia,

● preventing tonnes of plastics entering our waterways and threatening platypuses, turtles, and other marine animals, and

● establishing thousands of new homes for the possums, gliders and native birds that live in our forest canopy.

Simply click on the donations form here and select your preferred amount to give once, or monthly.

Another way to support CVA is to volunteer at one of our Australian-wide conservation events. Download the CVA App to find a conservation volunteer opportunity near where you live.

About Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates is one of the world’s largest wine companies, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, and everything TWE does is dedicated to their vision of becoming the world’s most admired premium wine company. Their Devil(ish) wine brand empower customers to play a role in supporting habitat regeneration.

Disclaimer: You may only buy and consume alcohol if you are of or above the legal drinking age in your country of residence. By accessing this page, you acknowledge the risks and health effects associated with consumption of alcoholic beverages. Drink responsibly.

Last updated: 29 May, 2024

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