Corporate events that give more than they take


As part of our Corporate Challenge Series 2022, we welcomed our corporate partner teams to join us this World Environment Day.

The challenge?

Plant thousands of saplings and restore critical habitat for our native wildlife.

Together, we planted over 6 thousand trees, declared winners, awarded prizes, and celebrated what can be achieved through our collective efforts.

Our congratulations and thanks go out to all of you involved with the planning, development, sponsorship, participation and execution of the event.



Already winning

No matter who wins the trophy at the challenge event, the contribution to the environment is already a win in our eyes.

Conservation Volunteers Australia works to connect your corporate values with the important issues facing our environment, bringing to your organisation a deeper purpose that ties ultimately to planetary and human wellness.

We’d like to thank all our partners for choosing to invest your company time and resources into a corporate team event that means a great deal to our planet’s long-term health ⎻ by giving back far more than it takes.


The corporate team event that keeps on giving

While hitting balls around a golf course or firing paint at each other may seem like an ideal distraction from the office (we won’t lie, it’s not the worst thing we can think of doing), once you hand in your cards, it’s game over.

But with events that connect people with nature to create lasting impact, however, not only are you investing in the environment but in your organisation’s people themselves (we can’t overstate how good nature is for our wellbeing), and in your organisation’s future.


Let’s celebrate

World Environment Day’s events are a celebration of not only our connection with nature but of our partnerships, too. And like the saplings that are now happily setting roots into the ground, these partnerships require nurturing for them to grow strong.

The positive impact that we can achieve for nature and for your organisation correlates directly with the length of time the partnership exists. Long-term strategic partnerships provide space for ideas to flourish and inter-organisational bonds to form: we become part of your organisation and it becomes part of ours.


One step in a multi-engagement approach

The collective action we took on World Environment Day 2022 will provide habitat for thousands of native species, some of them highly endangered, for hundreds of years to come. But this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the impact we can have when we work together.

Our on-ground, nationwide teams are actively assisting with disaster recovery year-round and working to build resilience within our communities to prepare for the future. And while planting a sapling is a powerful solution in itself, it’s also symbolic of the bigger picture at play.

As a long-term strategic partner of CVA, it’s about far more than simply paying for and planting a sapling, you’re instrumental in the journey from seed to tree.


Why partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia?

As Australia’s nature engagement experts, we can develop corporate events that produce significant results for your organisation, and the environment.

Conservation Volunteers Australia works with your organisation to uncover a tailored experience that will strategically align with your sustainability and reporting frameworks, enhancing company performance on all levels (with measurable results).


A partnership for nature

Nature needs our help.

Conservation Volunteers Australia has the audacious, hairy goal of gathering 1 million stewards for nature by 2030. We’re inviting all organisations across Australia to be part of this critical movement.


Bold moves required

While we don’t yet know all the solutions to combat the immense threats facing our environment, what we do know is that it will require a shift in mindset – away from thinking of ourselves as apart from nature and towards the recognition that we are nature.

In addition, we must have a willingness to step bravely into unknown territory, with a level of bravery that can only be achieved when coupled with extreme collaboration.


But how can my organisation make a difference?

As employers, culture-creators and value determiners, organisations like yours hold the key to turning the ship of climate change around.

Nature needs our help. But it needs the sort of help that only long-term strategy and teamwork can achieve.

So, let’s plant the trees, and then watch them grow, too.

If you’re not already a partner and want to find out more about how we can help your organisation achieve your sustainability targets, contact our partnerships team today: [email protected]



“The advice we give to Australian companies who are looking for ways to achieve their science-based targets is to partner up with an environmental organisation that operates nationally, is supported by the private sector and government, and can scale projects. CVA is all those things. They can also measure your organisation’s impact, which is a huge plus.”


Lil Barac-Macey, Q Social Impact, Managing Director