Contact Details

Phone: (02) 4961 2358

Email: [email protected]

Office Address:
44 Bishopsgate Street
Wickham NSW, 2293

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm

Getting Here

From the Airport
The Newcastle Office is a 20 minutes drive from the Airport.  Taxis, shuttle buses and a local bus service run between Newcastle and the Airport.

Taxis run all day.  The shuttle bus runs regularly and the local bus run less frequently.

Call each service for fares and timetables.

From Sydney by Train
Catch a train from Sydney Central Station to Wickham Station (end of the Newcastle line). The office is located 100m from the station.  Walk out of the station and down Charles St towards Bishopsgate Street.  Turn left and walk about 50 meters to the office.

Transport Contact Information

Door to Door Shuttle Services – Phone: (02) 49 56 92 99
Port Stephens Coaches – Phone: (02) 49 82 29 40
Taxi – Phone: 13 10 08

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