Conservation Volunteers Prepare for Inaugural World Ocean Day Down Under Celebrations

Last week CVA launched the inaugural World Ocean Day Down Under, in partnership with The Ocean Project (organisers of the global World Ocean Day), making us their very first official ‘National Partner’!

World Ocean Day Down Under aims to help raise awareness and galvanise action for the conservation of our ocean, wetlands and rivers. It also aims to show people that they can make a difference by joining hands for ocean conservation. 

The launch event took place at Nudgee Beach in Brisbane where 37 dedicated conservation volunteers took part in a beach cleanup, collecting over 20 kilograms of rubbish!

World Ocean Day Down Under launched during CVA’s season on action for our ocean, wetlands and rivers

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) launched World Ocean Day Down Under on 24 January 2024, during our  season of action for our ocean, wetlands and rivers. 

During our season of action, we’re empowering people across Australia to take part in over 75 community volunteering Action Projects that we have scheduled. By volunteering you can help care for and protect our wonderful natural environment.

We’re also encouraging everyone to download the CVA Community Hub app which you can use to conduct your very own plastic waste audit at home.

World Ocean Day Down Under Volunteers Share their Impressions

We were thrilled to receive so much positive and encouraging feedback from volunteers who attended the World Ocean Day Down Under launch. Below are some of their inspiring comments and impressions.

Adrian, a volunteer who attended the launch event, said that “we need a lot more action like this. We need to understand how important it is. Now is the time to act, not later.”

He says there are so many species that depend on clean environments that are currently being impacted by plastics and other waste. 

‘We need to get as many people as we can joining [these kinds of events]’, he added.

Sophia Skarparis (aka PlasticFreeSophia), attended the launch at Nudgee Beach, and said the amount of plastics in our ocean are of great concern to her.

“We youth represent about 15% of the population, but we are 100% of the future. We have the power to rewrite the future for the better.”

She said she felt so enthusiastic seeing the smiles and joy of the other volunteers at the launch event.

‘At the end of the day, it’s about community and connection, and we’re feeling that today’, said Sophia.

“Everybody grabbed their gloves and their bags and wanted to get down and dirty in picking up all that rubbish”, added Sophia. 

Brian, another volunteer, came down to Nudgee Beach because it was a beautiful day and he loves the local area.

“They’re so important to me and hopefully everyone in Brisbane. We all need to look after it and it’s such a disappointment to pick up after people who don’t look after it”, said Brian. 

He encourages anyone to come along to events like these and help with caring for, and protecting, our environment.

‘It’s good to feel you’re making a difference’, said Brian.

Let’s work together to make beach cleanups a thing of the past with SeaToSource 2024! 🏝

Did you know that 80% of ocean plastics are carried into the ocean by rivers? This year, we’re tackling pollution in our waterways and at its source: in streets, parks, and industrial zones.

Over the last 3 years, CVA has mobilised 11,000 volunteers to locate and remove over 19,000 kgs of litter from beaches and rivers around Australia. But we want to do more.

Our ambitious goal is to  empower 1 million people to take action for nature by 2030. No matter where you are in Australia, you can make a difference.

Get in on the action by downloading the CVA Community Hub app. It’s your ticket to local volunteering events, and it’s how you’ll hear first about our upcoming SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge launching very soon. 

Let’s fight pollution together!