The following Terms and Conditions apply to your group booking with Conservation Volunteers Australia/ New Zealand. 

As the person registering a group and reserving place(s), you agree to the following terms and conditions related to your group booking.

I, as the person representing and registering the group or organisation (Group) and its members (Group Members) included in my booking with Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), agree to comply with the following terms that refer to the participation of my Group in CVA projects or events, those with third party volunteer organisations CVA partners with (Projects or Events ) and other CVA activities:    

  1. I agree that the management of any medical conditions or pre-existing injuries (Conditions) that I or a member of my Group have is the responsibility of my Group and its individual members to manage during participation on Projects or Events. 
  2. I acknowledge that while participating on a Projects or Events, the Group may undertake physical activity, and it is the responsibility the Group to ensure that any Condition does not impact on their ability to participate. 
  3. I acknowledge that members of my Group may be asked to disclose any Conditions that impact on their participation on Projects or Events, and: 
    1. I agree these Conditions may be disclosed to any Project Partners whose Projects or Events the Group participates in and, by providing health information to CVA, agree that, to the extent permitted by law, CVA shall have no liability whatsoever to me or the Group as a result of making such details available to any Project Partner.    
  4. I consent to CVA:  
      1. providing any assistance to me or my Group, where appropriate to minimise any aggravation to a disclosed condition, however noting that: 
        1. for third party operated projects or events, CVA has no direct involvement or responsibility for running these Projects or Events;  
        2. it is the responsibility of individual group members to ensure they follow their management plan and take all reasonable steps to minimise any aggravation to the Conditions; and 
        3. CVA has no liability to me or my Group for any loss suffered or incurred if they do not follow their management plan or do not minimise any aggravation to the Conditions;
    1. authorising the provision by appropriate medical professionals of any required medical treatment if CVA determines it necessary, and I accept responsibility for all associated expenses; and
  5. I and the members participating as part of my group are volunteers and not employees of CVA.  
  6. While working on a project or event site (whether it be the site of a Project Partner Project or otherwise), group members will not:  
    1. smoke; or 
    2.  consume or store alcohol or illicit drugs in any personal or CVA owned vehicles, project site office, or accommodation arranged by CVA or third parties connected to the project.  
  7. I and my Group Members shall respect the rights, feelings and property of all others associated with the Projects or Events   
  8. I and my Group Members shall cooperate to ensure a safe, happy and hygienic team environment on-site and will observe all directives given by CVA and the third-party project leaders with respect to physical distancing, the wearing of personal protective equipment, various hygiene rules and other related directions.   
  9. The placement of the Group on all Projects or Events is at the discretion of CVA and may be terminated at will by CVA upon notice.  
  10. I acknowledge that:  
    1. CVA may collect information about Group Members from third parties whose Projects or Events the Group participates on regarding various aspects of participation including but not limited to attendance, tardiness, ability to participate and amount of participation; and  
    2. while CVA will take all reasonable steps to ensure third parties observe the same privacy principles CVA must observe under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and its amendments, the privacy policies of third parties may not mirror the CVA Privacy Policy and accordingly it is my and the Group’s responsibility to read the privacy policy of any third party whose Project or Event we participate on.  
  11. Photographs or videos taken of me or my Group, including any minors in attendance, on Projects or Events can be used for promotional purposes. 
  12. Group Members will comply with CVA policies, while also accepting responsibility for our own safety and the safety of our personal belongings.  Furthermore, Group Members will not knowingly or carelessly endanger the safety and welfare of any other participants or employees in CVA activities or endanger the safety of their personal belongings. 
  13. I agree to indemnify CVA in the event that CVA, its officers or employees suffers or incurs any Loss due to:   
    1. any breach by me or Group Members of these conditions; or  
    2. any of my or Group Member’s acts or omissions while volunteering.  

Loss for the purposes of this condition means all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses including:  

    1. legal costs and disbursements including costs of investigation, litigation, settlement and compliance with judgments; and  
    2. interest, fines and penalties,  

suffered or incurred by any person, whether arising in contract or tort (including negligence) or under any statute or any other basis.  

14. Group Members will not bring CVA or any Projects or Events into disrepute (this includes by way of making public posts on social media which include negative comments about the volunteer experience through CVA).  

I understand that failure to comply with any of these conditions may result in CVA requesting me or any Group Members to leave a Project or Event, and that we may also forego all entitlements relating to Projects or events we are scheduled to participate on and payments made.