The Southern Brown Bandicoot

Brown Hill Creek Recreational Park in Adelaide is a critical peri-urban refuge for the Southern Brown Bandicoot (SBB). Conservation Volunteers in collaboration with local community groups constructed a SBB exclosure (a fenced off secure area bandicoots can access but cats and foxes and larger foraging animals cannot) revegetating it with native plants to protect this isolated population which is EPBC listed.

This project is the first in the region to create an exclosure that will provide a safe space for bandicoots and a location where ongoing citizen science monitoring will take place to evaluate the success of habitat restoration and the bandicoot sanctuary zone. CVA as part of our national bandicoot online citizen science program have a long term wifi fauna camera trap in this reserve, linked to the CVA list of expeditions on DigiVol, Wildlife Spotter. You can become an CVA online citizen scientists by registering your interest here, and we will provide you with the next steps to become a CVA SBB wildlife spotter.

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