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Coles gets their hands dirty with Nature Blocks at Westgate Park

Staff from Coles got a crash course in biodiversity conservation at Westgate Park, Melbourne while creating their very own Nature Blocks – CVA’s new initiative that is helping everyday Australians take action for nature. 

Did you know that 90% of Australians live in towns and cities? Unfortunately, these are the areas where over 370 native animal species are under the most threat.  

This is where Nature Blocks can make a difference. From potted plants on your apartment balcony, to rewilding your backyard, Nature Blocks give our native wildlife a chance to grow their populations, connecting them via habitat corridors where they can feel safe, healthy, and even start a family. 

Because when we take care of our wildlife and environment, we take care of ourselves too. 

It’s known that getting out in nature can improve a person’s mental and physical health. When you build a Nature Block, it’s not just about growing back biodiversity, it’s about improving our own well-being too. 

Here’s what Coles staff members had to say about their experience building their very own Nature Blocks. 

“It’s a massive mental health break to come out, get your hands dirty…and get out to the environment,” says Amanda.

Catherine and Amanda from Coles with their Nature Block.

Catherine and Amanda from Coles with their Nature Block.

“There are so many different volunteering activities that we get to do at work, but this is one of the best ones that I’ve done over my time. It’s just something different…something you can then translate to home, and what you can do at home.” 

Her colleague Catherine agrees, adding: “It’s that reminder you can do things in your own space. I have a little balcony at home that currently has no plants. I can take home that Nature Block now and I’ve already got a ready-made garden to attract birds and pollinators.” 

Watch the video below and see how simple – and effective – building Nature Blocks can be.

At CVA, we have 40 years of conservation experience. If your organisation would like to engage in activities like Coles did, and take action for nature, email us at: [email protected]

Coles staff with their finished Nature Blocks.

Coles staff with their finished Nature Blocks.

Want to create your very own Nature Block where you live? There’s an app for that!

Head to and join the waitlist for our new Nature Blocks App launching August 24th this year.

Together, we can build back Australian biodiversity – one Nature Block at a time!

Nature Blocks is proudly supported by the Bupa Foundation.