Nature is essential to life on Earth

When nature is in balance, it helps us to regulate climate and to improve our resilience to an ever-changing climate. Nature provides us with a range of ecosystem services such as access to clean and safe water, control of pest species, mitigating flooding and erosion, and pollinating our crops.  

By restoring and safeguarding ecosystems on land and under water, we contribute to increased wellbeing, healthier environment while building climate resilience and adaption.

By taking action together, we can make a real impact

CVA encourages people to challenge the eco-anxiety and negativity that can often surround discussions around climate. CVA provides people with the skills to build climate resilience in an approachable and positive way, where every action – no matter how big or small – contributes to collective impact. Our contribution to Healthier Environments includes projects and initiatives to protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems to benefit both people and nature.

Urban Shade Forests

Beat the heat and combat climate change by planting native trees in your community. Urban Shade Forests create cool, shaded areas that provide relief from hot summers and help protect vulnerable populations and ecosystems. If we work together, we can create a greener, cooler future for our cities.

Catalysing action for both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

The warming climate and increased frequency of natural disasters is damaging ecosystems, people’s livelihoods and human health. Together with our community and partners, we conservation-based resilience actions for biodiversity, threatened species, ocean, wetlands and rivers, to help people and nature adapt to climate change.

Build a Nature Block at home

Creating habitat corridors and patches offers positive impacts to urban wildlife, including increased food availability, better quality and variety of essential habitat, and potentially facilitating gene flow between isolated populations. By taking time to look after our wild neighbours, you’re helping to build healthier cities – meaning addressing climate change and fostering greater biodiversity.

Nature & human wellbeing

“Our identity as human beings remain tied to our land, to our cultural practices, our systems of authority and social control, our intellectual traditions, our concepts of spirituality, and to our systems of resource ownership and exchange. Destroy this relationship and you damage – sometimes irrevocably – individual human beings and their health.” – Pat Anderson, Alyawarre woman, AO.

"Everyone has a role to play in protecting and restoring our natural environment and by taking action together as a community, we can make a significant impact."