Celebrating International Women’s Day at Conservation Volunteers Australia

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, under the “Inspire Inclusion” theme, Conservation Volunteers Australia has organised a range of events across Australia. 

At CVA, we’re committed to creating a world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We believe that collectively we can #InspireInclusion everywhere.

We’re proudly committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with 70 percent of our staff being women.

To truly inspire inclusion this year, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the incredible Revive Our Wetlands project officers and the International Women’s Day (IWD) events that they’re organising.

Inspiring Women: Five CVA conservationists share their Women’s Day plans

Meet Janine, Yasmina, Leah, Linda, and Simryn who are all involved in managing conservation volunteering projects and events around the country.

If you’re an aspiring conservationist, you may be inspired and motivated to read more about what they do. 

In addition, you can find out more about the fascinating and impactful conservation events they have planned for celebrating International Women’s Day in Hobart, Victoria, Queensland and Sydney.

Janine Young, Revive Our Wetlands Project Officer (Hobart)

Janine Young is the Project Officer for Revive Our Wetlands in Hobart. Her role entails looking after little pockets of wetland along the River Derwent.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Janine is involved in hosting a guest speaker and mindful drawing event.  

“This session will be particularly interesting for young people looking at a career in science and for international students who want to get tips on how to navigate studying and living in a foreign country,” says Janine. 

“Our guest speaker, Tanya Scharaschkin, is an amazing woman who will tell us about her experience working in science and volunteering in conservation, and her passion for plants, which has led to her becoming a well-known local artist featuring endemic and exotic plants,” Janine added.

After the guest speaker session, participants will take part in mindful drawing with Tanya, focusing on native flora species.

International Women’s Day in Hobart: event details

Guest Speaker & Mindful Drawing

Venue: Kickstart Arts Centre, 12 St Johns Ave, New Town, TAS 7008

Date: 11 March 2024, 

Time: 10am – 1pm

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Yasmina Tulloch-Medigovich, Revive Our Wetlands Project Coordinator (Perth)

As the Revive our Wetlands Project Coordinator in Perth, Western Australia, Yasmina says she has the “pleasure of working with Project Officers around Australia to engage their communities in our wetland projects and to learn and care deeply about these blue carbon ecosystems and the importance of conserving them into the future.”

“This International Women’s Day, we have various celebratory events happening around Australia,” says Yasmina. 

“These events are opportunities to celebrate women’s achievements in science, conservation and land management, as well as create a space for women to share their knowledge on the cultural importance of wetlands and how women have cared for nature, wetlands and country for centuries. From guided bushwalks, expert guest speakers sessions, and botanical drawing workshops to weaving workshops, cultural wetland tours, and cultural painting workshops, there is something for everyone,” Yasmina proudly reports.


Leah Edwards, Revive Our Wetlands Project Officer (Victoria)

“As a Project Officer for the Revive team at CVA, my responsibility entails creating, organising, and supervising volunteering events for our ongoing projects,” explains Leah. 

“I frequently collaborate with local environmental groups to ensure the success of these events. Our primary goal is to actively engage the community and foster connections between individuals and nature, as well as like-minded peers,” says Leah.

For International Women’s Day 2024, “our event focuses on honouring Indigenous culture and connecting volunteers with the land.” 

Leah is excited that CVA will be hosting Jenna Oldaker, a Wadawurrung artist, to lead a unique workshop blending culture and nature.

“Jenna will begin with a talk, sharing insights into Wadawurrung culture, followed by a hands-on workshop where participants will decorate plant pots inspired by her artwork. These pots will then be filled with natives ethically sourced by indigenous seed collectors. 

I believe this is an excellent opportunity for an event that not only celebrates women but also provides a meaningful chance to engage with Indigenous culture and support conservation efforts at the RAMSAR-listed Lake Connewarre site.”

International Women’s Day in Victoria: event details

Cultural Painting Workshop

Venue: 1-19 Staceys Rd, Connewarre, Victoria

Date: 6 March 2024

Time: 10.45am – 1.30pm

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Linda Fahle, Revive Our Wetlands Project Manager (Gladstone, Queensland)

“My role at CVA as a Project Manager lets me work across all parts of the organisation, supporting our dedicated project team and making sure our community based conservation projects run as smoothly as possible,” explains Linda.

Linda’s daily work involves a great deal of diversity. Linda explains that “from implementing project plans and working with our corporate partners to meeting with local stakeholders and working alongside volunteers to rehabilitate a wildlife corridor, no two days are the same.”

On the topic of International Women’s Day celebrations, Linda says that it’s “the perfect opportunity to recognise and celebrate women who work in the conservation and environment sector.” 

Importantly, to deliver impact in accordance with this year’s IWD theme, Linda says that “CVA has International Women’s Day celebration events being held all over Australia with opportunities to take action for nature and to #InspireInclusion in not just our workplace, but also our wider communities.” 

In Gladstone, Queensland, CVA is holding a “special morning event for women who are passionate about their local environment,” Linda explains.

“A kokedama making workshop and clean-up at Barney Point Beach will give volunteers a wonderful backdrop to reflect on the past years’ efforts and inspire discussions on the many women who have contributed to our projects and ensured nature is thriving into the future.”

International Women’s Day in Queensland: event details

Celebrating Women in Conservation and Land Management

Venue: Barney Point Beach, Queensland

Date: 6 March 2024

Time: 7.30am – 11am

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Simryn Eliott, Revive Our Wetlands Project Officer (Sydney)

As a project offer for the Revive our Wetlands Project in Sydney, Simryn is working on rehabilitating the Rockdale Wetlands Biodiversity Corridor.

This year Simryn will be celebrating International Women’s Day at Hawthorne Reserve in Ramsgate with an exciting hands-on conservation session.

Volunteers will be involved in “building ringtail possum dreys/nestboxes with Sue McTaggart, a knowledgeable trainer from Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation: WIRES,” she explains.

This volunteering event is “an opportunity for women and eco-minded individuals to connect whilst working together to restore habitat for our beautiful native ringtail possums. I’m really excited to facilitate this unique experience in support of wildlife and women’s empowerment,” says Simryn.

International Women’s Day in Sydney: event details

Women for Wildlife, A WIRES Nestbox Building Workshop

Venue: Hawthorne Reserve, Ramsgate, NSW

Date: 6 March 2024

Time: 9am – 12pm

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