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Celebrating 6000 volunteers through Woodside Coastal Guardians Program

Our award-winning partnership with Woodside has delivered a decade worth of coastal conservation.

In 2011, Conservation Volunteers Australia and Woodside founded the Woodside Coastal Guardians Program with the mission of inspiring and empowering communities to make a positive contribution to the conservation of Western Australia’s coastline. Now in its tenth year of operation, the program continues to provide on-ground leadership to local government, community groups and land care managers to help protect threatened coastal environments.

Woodside employee volunteers collecting marine debris.

Since inception, Coastal Guardians has mobilised over 6000 volunteers, helping to deliver and achieve meaningful conservation objectives along the Perth to the Pilbara coastline. Woodside employees and community volunteers have spent thousands of hours tackling invasive weeds, dune degradation, marine debris and erosion caused by the significant impacts of climate change and human activities.

Thanks to our longstanding partnership with Woodside, volunteers engaged through the program have delivered an incredible 725 volunteering days, planted 127,007 native seedlings, cleared 1,032,085m2 of weeds, and collected 10,976kg of marine debris. The significant contribution of the Woodside Coastal Guardians Program to marine conservation has been awarded the State Government Western Australian Coastal Awards for Excellence (2013) and the Landcare Coastcare Award (2017).

Site visit following extensive dune revegetation works.

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