Bushland Restoration: Cumberland Plain Woodlands

Volunteer conducting weed maintenance surrounded by Cumberland Plain Woodland


Within the Penrith City Council Local Government Area (LGA), Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) are focusing on restoring eight bushland reserves, all of which are home to threatened plant species and form part of the critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland.

In partnership with Penrith City Council and working alongside Bushcare groups, we are helping to protect and restore the Cumberland Plain Woodlands that remain.

Western Sydney is one of the fastest-growing urbanised areas in Australia. As a consequence, with its open grassy shrub layer and old-growth trees, the Cumberland Plain Woodland has shrunk dramatically. Today, sadly less than 9% of the Cumberland Plain Woodland remains, distributed over highly fragmented patches.


Bushland Restoration with Conservation Volunteers Australia

Our dedicated volunteers and Project Officer Shana at Kanangra Reserve, Kingswood


Taking Action for Nature

During a recent bushland restoration event on Sunday 20th February, 18 volunteers came together to spend a cumulative 60+ hours tackling African Lovegrass and Mother of Millions. These invasive weeds threaten the native species in Peppermint Reserve, Kingswood, including the endangered Native Pear (Marsdenia Viridiflora).

This work continues to build on the successful conservation efforts led by the local Bushcare group over the last 15 years. The event was hosted by CVA’s project officer and two of Penrith City Council’s Bushcare Officers.


Bushland Restoration with Conservation Volunteers Australia

Volunteers in action removing African Lovegrass at Peppermint Reserve, Kingswood


What’s next?

We look forward to seeing volunteers join us through a range of events we’ll be hosting from April through to November, including habitat restoration days, a guided bird watching tour and nighttime spotlight walks.

We look forward to working together to restore this vital habitat and discover and learn about the many species that live within these special patches of bushland.


Bushland Restoration with Conservation Volunteers Australia

Our brilliant volunteers



To get involved and learn more about the Habitat Restoration event series please visit our Volunteer Portal.



This project is made possible with support from Penrith City Council and the NSW Environmental Trust.



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