Kangaroo Island Bushfire Recovery

Kangaroo Island Bushfire Recovery

Urgently Help Our Wildlife on Kangaroo Island

Australia’s Kangaroo Island, its wildlife and their habitats are being devastated by wildfire. We need your help to create a native plant nursery to fast-track recovery and provide wildlife with essential habitat. Without this nursery, revegetation will be difficult and endangered species recovery will be slow.
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Southern Brown Bandicoot

Southern Brown Bandicoot. Photo: Greg Howell

Kangaroo Island has suffered catastrophic effects from bushfires this year. With approximately 30% of the island affected there are major concerns for endangered wildlife on the island, which acts as a natural sanctuary. The fire is still active as we share this appeal. We have worked on Kangaroo Island for some time now and the urgent recovery of Kangaroo Island’s fire-affected areas is now one of our top priority projects.

Funds raised through this appeal will be directed towards the establishment and operation of a native plant nursery on the west of the island. It will enable large scale production of thousands of endemic native plants needed for revegetation. These native plants will be essential to re-establish critical habitat for wildlife such as the Black Glossy Cockatoo (Endangered), the Short-beaked Echidna (Endangered), the Southern Brown Bandicoot (Endangered) and the Kangaroo Island Dunnart.

Long-Term Goals

Once the fires have abated and fire-grounds are declared safe, we will work with our partners to assess damage, and plan for habitat recovery on the island over the next five years. We will then work closely with our community of volunteers to grow and plant the trees, shrubs and grasses needed to reinstate what has been lost. In the long term, our aim is to create self-perpetuating patches of planted vegetation that can provide appropriate, ongoing habitat, while they re-establish and expand.

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How Your Donation Helps

  • $20 – allows us to grow 50 seedlings to planting-ready stage
  • $50 – helps us to purchase tools and equipment needed for use in the nursery
  • $100 – contributes to the nursery’s establishment costs
  • $200 – allows us to offset the running costs of the nursery, including seed collection