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Bushfire Recovery Newsletter – October 2020

Welcome to the latest newsletter about the environmental volunteering response for bushfire recovery.

Despite the pandemic, people are making a real difference for the recovery of important flora & fauna. We’ve got exciting news about a project we highlighted in the last newsletter, plus prizes to be won for people who sign up to help recovery activities this month.

Last newsletter, we announced our new platform which gives you an easy way to find opportunities to help organisations who need support with recovery projects. Currently we’re listing key citizen science projects which are providing important data for researchers, rangers and policy makers working on the recovery. We’re also opening up to organisations to list opportunities for support, so when you create an account you will be able to search these as they become available.

Finally, we want to express solidarity with our friends, followers and the wildlife which are being affected by further terrible fires on the West Coast of the USA.

Recovery Opportunities



Working with our friends at Australian Geographic, we’ve got 50 magazine subscriptions to give away to people who sign up to at least one of the below opportunities. Once you sign up through the bushfire recovery platform, you’ll be registered in the draw to win a subscription to three issues of the beautiful Australian Geographic magazine. Winners will be selected at the end of October, randomly from those of you who have registered for an opportunity.


Help the bushfire recovery by contributing information on birds in your local area, wherever you are.


Most of our frog species only live in Australia, and 16 of those species are in need of further protection after the 2019/2020 fire season.

Echidna CSI

Although they’re an iconic native Australian animal, we do not know much about echidnas’ wild populations, but we do know that much of their habitat was impacted by the 2019-2020 fires.

DigiVol Wildlife Spotter

Support the bushfire recovery from the comfort of your home by reviewing footage from the field, and spotting wildlife.


Get involved with Citizen Science recovery projects & WIN!


Want to know more first? You can also check out our Citizen Science hub to find out more about how your efforts could play a role in the recovery. Head to our Citizen Science Hub here on The Campfire.

Stories of Recovery

This is a round-up of some of the stories of wildlife and habitat recovery from around the country.

FrogID volunteers turned Citizen Scientists have helped researchers confirm 45 species are still present in fire affected areas – read on The Conversation

Mountain Christmas Bells found flowering in the Blue Mountains – see it on @calyptorhynchus Instagram

RUOK Day shared this human story of support and recovery from CFA volunteers – see it on RUOK Instagram

Tree ferns are pioneers of bushfire recovery – learn more on The Conversation

In South West Victoria, the rare Glenelg freshwater mussel was evacuated before the fires, and has just been returned to country. Find out more on The ABC

Important Notices

These are curated notices about the environmental recovery work which may be useful to you or someone you know.

Firefighting Volunteers needed for coming fire season. Last year took it’s toll on a lot of people, and further recruits will be needed to share the load – find out more at The Conversation.

Know someone who is struggling after the fires? It’s absolutely normalThere’s all sorts of help at hand from Beyond Blue – find out more here.

Many thanks again for tuning in and for wanting to help in the environmental response to the bushfires.

We’re looking forward to feedback on the new platform, so please do jump in and register and sign up for an activity and be in to win one of the Australian Geographic subscription prizes!

In your service,


Sam and the Conservation Volunteers Bushfire Recovery Team


Conservation Volunteers is the national coordinator for the environmental volunteering response to the bushfires – 

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