Bupa and CVA continue working toward a Healthier Planet and Healthier People

The Bupa Foundation and Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) have announced that they will continue to partner to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of everyday Australians through practical, everyday opportunities to protect and care for nature.

Roger Sharp – Chief Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Officer, Bupa Asia Pacific – and CEO of Conservation Volunteers Australia, Phil Harrison.

The physical and mental health benefits of engaging with nature are backed by a growing body of scientific evidence. Regular contact with nature has been shown to increase feelings of calmness, boost endorphin levels, and enhance concentration. It can also mitigate symptoms of anxiety and depression while fostering a sense of community.

CVA and the Bupa Foundation have been partnering since 2021 to better understand and promote benefits to personal health and wellbeing from participating in nature conservation volunteering activities.

In 2023, the partnership launched Nature Blocks™, a simple, app-led action designed to make nature conservation accessible, fun, and fulfilling for all.

Thousands of Australians have put nature action in their pocket by downloading the CVA App and following simple steps to create their own Nature Block around their home, in their garden, on their balcony or in their community.

Nature Block pioneer Tran waters her new slice of biodiversity in the city.

These ‘blocks’ of nature take many shapes – from simple pots to pollinator gardens, insect hotels and lizard lounges. This not only restores nature to cities, but also helps to create vital habitat corridors for ecosystems to function optimally.

Building a Nature Block is a small action with great potential. Our towns and cities are critical areas for nature conservation – 50% of Australia’s threatened fauna species live alongside the majority of Australia’s population in our urban centres.

But beyond the positive impact on nature, Nature Blocks responds to the escalating rates of mental illness and social isolation in our society, recognising the emergence of the eco-anxiety phenomenon, by making simple actions available to everyone.

In fact: when we surveyed the Nature Blocks community, we found that 97% saw an improvement in their health and wellbeing and almost 90% had an increased motivation to take action for nature.

Nature Blocks responds to the emergence of ‘eco-anxiety’ by helping people take simple actions for nature.

Creating a healthy planet people want to live in

Roger Sharp, Chief Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Officer, Bupa Asia Pacific said the Nature Blocks initiative aims to support people to take simple, tangible actions to help create the healthy planet people want to live in.

“As a health and care company, we know the link between the health of the planet and the health of people is undeniable and that we all have a role to play in protecting and regenerating nature, particularly in our cities.”

“When it comes to sustainability, collaboration is vital to creating meaningful change. That’s why we are proud the Bupa Foundation is continuing its partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia to deliver meaningful, healthy and practical environmental programs. Together, we want to help build a national movement of people who understand, value and benefit from connecting with and nurturing our environment,” Roger said.

Roger Sharp, Bupa APAC Chief Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Officer.

In 2024, CVA and Bupa will continue to collect and analyse health and wellbeing data with the aim to improve Nature Blocks’ impact on human health.

Every Australian performing an action for nature becomes an agent for nature-positive change in their community, amplifying the growth of stewardship in each community. The guidance we provide ensures that the actions taken make meaningful contributions to the needs of nature at the local level.

You can join us in taking action for nature and improving your personal wellbeing by downloading the CVA app, an innovative, integrated and inclusive approach to nature stewardship.

Lynette Round, Head of Bupa Foundation and Social Impact APAC, with Audrey Barucchi, Communications & Engagement, CVA

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