Biodiversity – what is it? A National Science Week online workshop on 18th August

Biodiversity – we all know it’s important for our planet, but what exactly does that mean? 

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Join Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) this National Science Week to find out, in practical ways, why biodiversity is good for all of us – from microscopic plankton and koalas, to everyday Australians like you & I. 

With support from NRMA Insurance, CVA has planted over 70,000 native trees to benefit Koalas across New South Wales and Queensland over the last 2 years. In this online workshop we’re going to share a little more about that work for Koalas, and the story behind this great project which was a Banksia Sustainability Award Finalist in 2020.

We’ll be hearing from landholders who are working with CVA, local Koala experts and more – bringing to life how an act as simple as planting a tree has a big impact for Koalas, other amazing critters, and us humans too. 

Join us on Wednesday August 18th at 3pm for a fun 45 minute interactive session to find out more about how we can all play a part to rebalance nature and enhance biodiversity wherever we are, and however much time we have to spare – helping to protect and restore the future of Koalas and all life on Earth.  

Spaces are limited, so register now!

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