Best Tips For Your At-Home Plastic Waste Challenge (#SeaToSource)

Do you want to be a superhero for the planet? Then take part in Conservation Volunteers Australia’s Plastic Waste Challenge and get ready to hunt for plastic waste at home!

Plastic waste often ends up in waterways and the ocean, affecting marine wildlife and habitats, and threatening human health. That’s why taking action for nature involves reducing your plastic footprint.

So, how much plastic waste do you think you can eliminate from your home in a month? Take part in our exciting SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge (which is part of our SeaToSource program) and find out!

CVA’s at-home plastic waste challenge is great family fun that involves two waste hunts in your home. After completing the challenge, you may be inspired to shop and consume differently, creating even less impact on the environment.

Not only is this challenge great gaming fun for the whole family, but you can prove to your neighbours, friends, children and relatives that you’re a real-life superhero for the planet!

Below you’ll find more information about why to live a plastic-free lifestyle, and tips on reducing plastic waste at home. Go superheroes!

Be a superhero: eliminate plastic waste at home!

Think about any of your favourite superheroes. The one thing they all have in common is standing up for justice and what’s right. And that includes the health of the planet, our ocean and waterways.

CVA hopes to empower everyone in Australia to become a superhero by making it fun, easy and practical to eliminate plastic waste by taking part in the SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge.

Up to 13 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year. And, Australia consumes 3.8 million tons of plastic annually – which is 3 times the global average.

That’s why collective and urgent action to eliminate plastic waste is needed.

Here are some reasons to eliminate plastic waste:

How to take part in CVA’s Plastic Waste Challenge

Download the CVA App to get started with the #SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge. Open the app and click “Take actions at home”.

Now you’re all set and ready to conduct your first home audit of all your plastic waste. Grab your family and get started in this fun, household waste hunt! Tally up all your findings in the app, and you’ll receive instant results.

Next, we’ll provide you with tips to reduce and eliminate plastic waste from your home. Spend the next two months implementing these before your second plastic waste hunt.

After two months of reducing plastic waste at home, you’ll be ready to take the second at-home plastic waste challenge. Excitingly, you can now measure how much plastic you were able to eliminate from your home by taking part in this plastic waste challenge.

Tips for reducing plastic waste at home

How many of your kitchen, bathroom, and general household products are made from plastic, made to be disposable, or come wrapped in plastic?

Conducting a home plastic waste audit of the amount of plastic products your household consumes each month will help bring awareness of how pervasive and ubiquitous plastics are in our lives.

This is the first step towards reducing and eliminating plastic from our homes. When we know how much plastic we rely on and use, we can start choosing plastic-free alternatives. In addition, it raises awareness of how we can all reuse and repurpose products to lower our consumption and waste.

We hope this will be part of a household (and Australian-wide) plastic-free, waste-free, and circular lifestyle revolution!

Tips to eliminate plastic from your kitchen

How many of your bathroom products are wrapped in plastic, made from plastic, or contain plastic?

Take the SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge to find out, and get one step closer to living a plastic-free lifestyle! Are you up for the challenge?

Below is a list of some commonly used bathroom products that contain plastics – contributing towards the plastic pollution crisis.

Consider switching these for the ocean-friendly, plastic-free alternatives (on the right hand side) and be inspired to adopt a plastic-free lifestyle.

Tips to eliminate plastic from your bathroom

Below is a list of commonly used kitchen products that may end up polluting the ocean, as many of them contain plastic.

We’ve curated a list of some plastic-free alternatives (on the right-hand side) that you can select to be kinder to the ocean and the planet.

Plastic-free for the sea: you have the power to be an ocean superhero!

Everyone has the power to change the world and to become an ocean superhero. You can start by taking part in our family-friendly and fun SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge. To get started, download the CVA App.

CVA also organises a range of beach clean-up events, river clean-ups, and wetland restoration volunteer activities that you can take part in across Australia.

We hope you will join us in our mission to collectively transform our world by eliminating plastic waste and protecting and restoring our natural environments.


Download the CVA App and get started now!