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April Highlights: partnerships, conservation initiatives, and your chance to make a difference

In this month’s recap of community and citizen-led projects at CVA, explore our Supporting Partnership with Impact X Summit 2024 promoting health through nature conservation and our renewed collaboration with the Bupa Foundation.

Discover how you can participate in our app competition and learn about citizen conservation efforts. Learn more below!

CVA’s Impact X Summit 2024 partnership boosts health via nature conservation

CVA was a Supporting Partner at Impact X Summit 2024. This initiative, supported by the Bupa Foundation, promoted personal health and wellbeing through nature conservation activities.

Bupa and CVA further their partnership for a healthier planet and people

Lynette Round, Head of Bupa Foundation and Social Impact, with Audrey Barucchi, Communications & Engagement, CVA

The CVA team is thrilled to renew our partnership with the Bupa Foundation to enhance Australians’ wellbeing by providing opportunities for nature conservation.

Championing biodiversity: Citizen Conservation in action

Woman creating a Nature Block, planting in a container.

Discover how citizen conservation initiatives are combating the decline in Australia’s biodiversity and creating thriving wildlife habitats in our cities in this insightful article.

Get the chance to win our CVA App competition

We are challenging all Australians to take an action for nature every day – and by downloading our CVA App to your phone, you can have hundreds of great opportunities to take action.

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Every dollar can empower our dedicated project officers across the country in their efforts to plant trees, eliminate weeds, construct walking tracks, and safeguard threatened species through projects like Revive Our Wetlands, Urban Shaded Forests, Disaster Recovery, and Threatened Species.

Join us in creating a future where people and nature thrive together.

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