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Aon and CVA’s long-standing commitment to aquatic habitats and communities across Australia

Celebrating another successful year in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), the Aon Charitable Foundation continues to commit to protecting Australia’s oceans, waterways and wetlands through our Revive campaign.

Since 2009, Aon and CVA have worked together delivering a range of on ground and virtual conservation activities to enhance staff engagement and reduce threats to sensitive aquatic and coastal environments and threatened species.

Aon employees participated in our national #SeaToSource program – in collaboration with CSIRO – collecting and classifying marine debris across key catchment areas to tackle ocean litter at the source. As a result, this has reduced various threats to wetlands – which can store up to five times more carbon than native forests – through the Revive our Wetlands initiative.

Additionally, in support of our ‘Wild Futures’ campaign, Aon staff constructed nest boxes to create additional habitat for threatened species such as the Western pygmy possum (Cercartetus cocinnus), which are critically endangered in the Mount Lofty Ranges and Fleurieu Peninsula Region.

Leveraging their competitive flair, Aon employees took part in CVA’s annual Corporate Clean Up Challenge and World Environment Day Planting Challenge, with the Perth team announced as the regional winners of the Corporate Clean Up Challenge at Leighton Beach!

Through their dedication, commitment and teamwork, throughout 2022 Aon volunteers have collectively:

  • Removed over 70kg of litter from our waterways
  • Collected and recorded over 5,100 pieces of marine debris contributing to CSIRO’s Global Plastic Pollution Project
  • Constructed 40 nest boxes to assist species recovery; and
  • Supported the rehabilitation of our vital urban green spaces, by planting 3,465 seedlings as part of our World Environment Day Planting Challenge.

The Aon Charitable Foundation is further committed to strengthening the communities in which it does business by not only improving the condition of our rivers, oceans and wetlands, but also through the social bonds that are forged through these events.

This ongoing partnership provides numerous positive benefits such as raising awareness of environmental challenges and the simple and measurable actions they can take to address these; as well as increased staff engagement through the enjoyment of their experiences with CVA,” said Fiona Norris, on behalf of the Aon Charitable Foundation.

Strategic partnerships with committed organisations like Aon- who share our vision for a world in which people and nature flourish together- are invaluable to supporting the critical work we do. CVA’s Strategic Partnerships Director, Ellie Corley, explains:

The more everyday Australians we have taking action, every day, the more we can prove to them that people can really make a difference to the world around them. We thank Aon for its continued actions for nature. Modern people-powered, data-driven programs like #SeaToSource that connect Australians with nature at scale are critical to ensuring Australia’s environment – and economy – can succeed together in balance. Our nation needs more organisations like Aon to come on board and support CVA in tackling one of Australia’s largest environmental problems – marine pollution – at scale.”

This year, we look forward to continuing our great work together in delivering a healthier environment and more resilient communities, and providing Aon staff with exciting opportunities to connect with their colleagues while taking meaningful actions for nature.


The ‘Revive our Wetlands’ initiative is funded by our major partner Chevron Australia and supported by Aon.

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