As part of #SeaToSource, we’ve partnered with Beach Patrol – a network of volunteer groups using the power of community spirit to clean local beaches and streets – who have created an app to help you record information from your clean up activities.

Recording information on the amount and type of litter you find is to identify where it is coming from and identify types of litter and places with high litter loads. With this information we can start planning action to reduce litter at the source.

Although most Beach Patrol groups are currently based in Victoria, they aim to grow their impact across the country and we’re more than happy to help them do that. Beach Patrol volunteers clean beaches and streets in their home postcode and now is the perfect time to download the app and conduct a beach, or street clean-up in your local area.

Follow our how-to guide to use the app to track the litter you collect in your local area. By telling us about the litter you’ve collected, you’re helping us map ocean litter along our coastlines and ultimately stop it at its source!

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About Beach Patrol

Initially Beach Patrol was a single group of residents from Middle and Albert Park in Melbourne, Victoria. These suburbs are bordered by Port Phillip Bay that have a nice, sandy stretch of beach which sadly back in 2009 was often neglected. Some of the local residents realised this neglect and formed 3206 Beach Patrol. Since then, Beach Patrol has grown significantly, with groups in many suburbs around the Bay; each with their own coloured shirts identifying their ‘hood’

In 2015, a member of Elwood Beach Patrol decided to set up Love Our Street (LOS), which is the same model as Beach Patrol, but street based. LOS groups do a great job cleaning streets and villages, and stopping litter before it hits gutters and drains, which is great because removing litter, plastics and all kinds of rubbish from our streets helps to stop it from getting into our water ways and oceans.

From one original group there are now more than 50 Beach Patrol and LOS groups in Victoria. The Beach Patrol model of attracting community members to help voluntarily clean their post code and do something positive for their local environment is working, and it is something we’re happy to support. We would love to see it grow further into other areas and other states; on the streets, beaches, parks and forests. Wherever you think your local environment could do with a helping hand. We encourage you to download the app and start recording what you collect on your clean-ups.

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