Want to take action for nature where you live? 

Join the southern hemisphere’s largest citizen science event﹣the Great Southern BioBlitzwith Conservation Volunteers Australia.


Why is a BioBlitz important?

A BioBlitz is an event where biodiversity data is recorded over a short period of time. This data can help scientists and land managers make decisions that protect our biodiversity.

The Great Southern BioBlitz (GSB) happens every October and is a great way to get involved with citizen science and learn about our natural world.

You can join CVA on the ground between October 28-29 at one of our reserves or project sites in Sydney and Adelaide.

Using your citizen science skills, you’ll be helping our wonderful biodiversity.


Backyard Great Southern BioBlitz

If you can’t make it to one of our on-ground events that’s no problem.

You can be part of our national community of nature stewards taking part in the CVA Backyard Great Southern BioBlitz – wherever you are.

This event lets you explore areas local to you – whether that’s your local park, reserve or even your own backyard.

Every recording you make of biodiversity in your backyard using the iNaturalist app will be added to Australia’s biodiversity database, the Atlas of Living Australia, helping researchers, scientists, and land managers make better decisions for nature.

To find out how to use iNaturalist app, watch our video:


Join up with iNaturalist!

To join our Backyard Great Southern BioBlitz iNaturalist page click here.

For the Sydney GSB iNaturalist page click here.

For the Adelaide GSB iNaturalist page click here.


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CVA are proud members of The Australian Citizen Science Association. 

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