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Actions for Biodiversity and Threatened Species

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Threatened Species Day: 6 Sep, Lake Connewarre

Urban Shade Forest planting day, 23 Sep, Spring Valley Park


Immerse Yourself in Nature: 6 Oct, Bibra Lake


Threatened Species Day: 30 Sep, Belair National Park


Nature Journalling for Mental Health Month: 13 Oct, Gould’s Lagoon, Glenorchy


Twilight Trails: Restoring Country for Urban Wildlife: 24 Nov, 5 pm-6.30 pm, Sir Joseph Banks Park, Botany

Twilight Trails: Crafting Comfort for Ringtail Possums 24 Nov, 6.30–8 pm, Sir Joseph Banks Park, Botany

Twilight Trails: Habitat Crafting & Spotlight Adventure, 24 Nov, 8 -9.30 pm, Sir Joseph Banks Park, Botany


Building habitat at the Botanical Gardens: 13 Sep, Botanical Gardens, Gladstone

World Shorebird Day: 9 Sep, Coochiemudlo Island – SAVE THE DATE


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Join us in a Journey of Discovery and Action! 🌿

At CVA, we’re not just talking about change; we’re making it happen. Together, we empower every Australian, including you and your team, to take simple yet powerful Actions for Nature. It’s all about achievable outcomes, real impacts, and making a difference for our precious biodiversity and threatened species.


Here’s What’s Happening

Over the next four months, we’re focusing on providing opportunities for your staff to join in the Actions for Biodiversity. In alignment with Australia’s “30×30” pledge, we’re working together to protect Australia’s natural wonders. And guess what? The #MyNatureBlock initiative is launching in August, offering everyone a chance to reconnect with nature in a personal, meaningful way, wherever they are!


Join the Excitement, Australia-wide! 🎉

From September to December, we’re hosting special events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Mackay, and Gladstone. These gatherings are open and free to all. We invite your team to come, have fun, reconnect with nature, and boost their health and wellbeing. What’s not to love?

And here are some beautiful natives, just for you!


Indigofera australis

Grevillea juniperina

Flowering gumnuts

Correa reflexa

Melaleuca quinquenervia