The world is experiencing a biodiversity crisis, driven by land use change, resource exploitation, invasive species, pollution, and climate change, which all pose a significant threat to wildlife and human health.

CVA is committed to ensuring that Australia’s natural wonders and unique biodiversity continues to thrive for generations to come.

Help us Build Back Nature!

Nature Positive, a commitment to build back nature

Australia is blessed with unique species and ecosystems, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. However, we also have a poor record of looking after our native species, with the worst rate of mammal extinction in the world. CVA supports the Global Goal for Nature and the Biodiversity Framework’s “30×30” target to help halt and reverse nature loss, by increasing the health, abundance, diversity and resilience of ecosystems.

In our season of action on biodiversity and threatened species, we offer a range of ways you can take action.

The Australian Blue-banded bee pollinating a flower.
The Australian Blue-banded bee pollinating a flower.

Urban habitats

Two-thirds of Australians live in our cities and major towns. This is a massive opportunity for us to come together as Nature Stewards to do something good for nature in our backyards, towns, and cities by creating native habitats and restoring biodiversity where we live.

We can each do our bit for nature by creating urban habitats for our native wildlife and biodiversity by dedicating a bit of our space to planting and building Nature Blocks where we live.

A nature block is a habitat for our local wildlife.

"About half of all Australian’s threatened species live in urban areas, alongside 96% of the human population. As our need for urban housings grows, so does their need for habitat. "

A fun new way to take action for nature

As little as 1 metre x 1 metre (1m2) in an unused corner of a backyard or balcony could swiftly contribute in filling critical missing links in urban biodiversity habitats. This is particularly the case for smaller “building block” species like birds, bees, butterflies, and other insects driving the rapid rise in threatened species in recent years. One block at a time, we can all make a difference in our own backyards – and the world around us.

Catherine and Amanda from Coles with their Nature Block.
Catherine and Amanda from Coles with their Nature Block at…

A block of nature to help support healthy humans

Our backyards and balconies can be a place where our native species can find a home alongside us, creating richer environments for us all and improving our well-being.

We know spending time in nature is beneficial to our physical and mental health, so taking action for nature is a win/win for everyone.

Nature Blocks help you reconnect with nature and improve your wellbeing
Unleashing the Power of Nature

Contribute to something bigger