Our Safety Responsibility

Conservation Volunteers Australia is committed to ensuring that all activities are carried out in a manner which will protect the health and safety of our people.

“Don’t just hope it’s safe, make it safe”

This is our overriding principle and encapsulates our safety culture.

Safety is part of what we do every day, for every activity and it is not left to chance as our people are our most valuable asset.

Safety first in the field

Best Practice Approach

Safety is a shared responsibility at CVA, but delivering on that responsibility is done through the application of our documented Work Health and Safety Management System. This systematic approach has been built during our almost 40 years of experience it is robust and fit for purpose with continuous improvement at its core.

The effectiveness of our system and our capability in delivering upon our safety commitment is demonstrated through the accreditation of our approach through the AS/NZ standard for safety management systems 4801.


Our Commitment to Volunteers

Our approach is ensuring we prepare you or your people for our projects, provide professional trained staff to care for all participants and maintain a people first, on ground outcomes second focus.

“The safety of volunteers working on our projects is CVA’s number one consideration – simply put its part of our organisational DNA”

Evan Kruckow COO


We share what we’ve learned.

We believe that our systems and processes are some of the most advanced and practical in the environmental sector across Australia and New Zealand. We value safety so highly that we’ve turned our knowledge into a range of resources and training assets to build the capacity of other organisations in the environmental sector, known as “In Safe Hands“.

To find out more and discuss how we can help – get in touch.


Partner with us

If you're looking to run some land management projects and want help with getting your safety system in place, drop us a line.