Our vision for Reconciliation

Conservation Volunteers Australia believes that reconciliation is a critical part of working towards our vision of a world where people and nature flourish together. 

We recognise that First Nations Peoples’ custodianship of land and sea has shaped Australia’s ecology, biodiversity and the sense of place that makes this continent unique. Working on and for these landscapes as part of our quest to conserve their natural values and to make those values more accessible to people all over Australia, we acknowledge that people and nature have lived interdependently here for millennia, and seek to learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples so we can help nurture the connections between this land and all Australians. 

Conservation Volunteers Australia affirms the special place and identity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Australians by: 

• Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, along with its diverse and dynamic nature. 

• Acknowledging the deep connections with and custodianship of the land since time immemorial. 

• Valuing the contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and cultures make to Australian culture and society. 

Our commitment to working with communities to take action for both nature and people includes a commitment to actively pursuing reconciliation as an integral part of our work. 



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“Caring for Country plays a significant part in our lives as First Nations People, and we greatly appreciate CVA’s participation, support and involvement to allow for this to happen.”

– Byellee Elders, Cecila & Tricia Eggmolesse