Empowering people to take action for nature since 1982

At CVA, we aim to have impact at scale by focussing on biodiversity restoration; the health of oceans, wetlands, and rivers; and on strengthening climate resilience.

Together with government, businesses, and Traditional Owners, we leverage our collective knowledge from the last 40+ years, our resources, and our passion to co-design projects that make a meaningful impact on a large scale.

Read our “Deep Roots, Strong Future” report.

Lasting change

Because we believe in working smart as well as hard, CVA teams up with the best and brightest to make sure everything we do is evidence-based and delivers real-world, measurable results.

CVA activities include big community clean-up and planting events all the way through to citizen science projects that anyone can do anywhere, anytime.

40 years of making a difference

A farmer at Yandoit near Ballarat, Tim Cox, began CVA in 1982 as a small group planting trees on weekends.

Forty years later, Conservation Volunteers Australia is the nation’s leading practical environmental group, with thousands of volunteers right across Australia rolling up their sleeves for nature.


There are so many CVA ways we can take action for nature to help meet Australia’s biodiversity targets for nature, water, and climate change.