Working towards a world in which people and nature flourish together

We exist to strengthen the health of communities and ecosystems for mutual benefit, across Australia. Through our work, we’re building a more harmonious and helpful relationship between people and nature.

People tell us that they want to play their part to re-balance nature, but they don’t know where to start. So, for almost 40 years we’ve been working to give people that opportunity through hands on volunteering. 

Now, we’re growing our work to empower anyone across Australia to take action for nature. 

You can read abut our recent work and our new directions in our latest “Deep Roots, Strong Future” report.

Our story

We know that our future prosperity is intertwined with the health of our living world. It’s in our hearts and our homes.
Nature back in balance

Lasting change

We deliver practical outcomes for communities and nature through our campaigns. We engage communities and collaborate with government and other organisations to raise awareness and implement practical initiatives with positive outcomes.

Our history

Since 1982, we've been creating and growing significant environmental and community initiatives across Australia, ranging from local tree planting days to national employment programs.

Our people

Find out more about some of the team behind our work, and why they're committed to working towards healthy communities and resilient ecosystems.

Work with us

Use your skills and experience to make a difference to people and nature.

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Get Involved

We’re here to make it easy to take action for nature across Australia, and we would love your help. Check out the ways that you can get involved in your local area.