A special day for our oceans and wetlands


World Oceans Day is always a very special day for us at Conservation Volunteers Australia. This year, we raised awareness by running events at 8 significant wetland locations across Australia. The events aimed to highlight the importance of coastal wetlands and share knowledge about how these marine habitats play their part in the fight against overfishing, marine pollution, and ⎻ critically ⎻ the effects of climate change. Through events such as these, we wish to inspire action for nature on an individual and community level.


And if you think that an individual or a small group of people can’t make much difference, listen to B4C’s inspiring story.



Across Australia, Conservation Volunteers Australia’s events saw people taking action for nature.


110 nature stewards engaged

5 litter clean-ups were conducted removing approximately 200kgs

8 guest speakers

3 educational films aired, including A Plastic Ocean and Albatross

2 fauna surveys conducted

Over 16 project partners


Spotlight on our team


For Ellen Porter, our Brisbane Revive our Wetlands Project Officer, this year’s theme “Revitalisation: Collective Action for the Ocean,” not only refers to our continued ‘revitalisation’ of the ocean through physical actions, but also has a hidden message of encouragement – to unite with each other and in turn feel ‘revitalised’ and ready to act for our oceans.


“Our oceans are the heart and lifeblood of our planet and home to approximately 1 million marine species. As a scuba instructor and ocean lover, I ensure to educate my dive students on how to respect marine life underwater. As a CVA Project Officer, I encourage communities to care deeply about our coast through conservation actions. It’s all connected”.

Ellen Porter, Revive Project Officer



World Ocean’s Day is a chance to remember just how significant our oceans are to safeguarding our future. Today, with increasing stressors on our marine ecosystems like climate change, invasive species, overfishing, and pollution, there are threats not only to the fragile balance within our oceans but there’s also the potential to create irreversible changes to life on land. We must raise awareness and take action for our oceans and coastal ecosystems.


We want to say a huge thank you to all of those who came down to learn about their local coastal wetlands and oceans and the issues they’re currently facing, and to those who actively contributed to the fight to conserve these essential blue carbon ecosystems.


Keen to take action for your local environment? Find out more ways to get involved and make a difference through our Community Portal.








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