We place conservation in the hands of everyone.

We place conservation in the hands of everyone because we know that nature stewardship strengthens the health of communities and ecosystems for mutual benefit.

By restoring and safeguarding ecosystems on land and under water, we contribute to increased wellbeing, healthier environment while building climate resilience and adaption.

Citizen conservation is making an impact

We want to help build a national movement of people who understand, value and benefit from connecting with and nurturing our environment. So, we’ve created ways for people to take action for nature anywhere, at anytime.

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Empowering a growing community of Nature Stewards

Our vision of a world where nature and people flourish together drives everything we do at CVA.

Take a look at the big-picture thinking that ensures the work of our volunteers brings real, long-lasting change.

Partnerships for nature
Partnerships for nature

Partner with us

For 40 years, tens of thousands of people have taken action for nature with CVA to restore Australia’s biodiversity and build climate resilience.

Together with government, businesses, and Traditional Owners, we leverage our collective knowledge from the last 40+ years, our resources, and our passion to co-design projects that make a meaningful impact on a large scale.