8 Rivers – Werribee River VIC

Werribee River

The Werribee River is precious to many who live along its fertile banks and visit the area to enjoy its wildlife and wetlands.

Originally a small stream flowing westward to join the Moorabool River, the River system has been altered significantly over the last two centuries to adapt it to farming, towns, and water allocations. Despite the river’s flow being severely altered by weirs, it still supports 11 species of frogs, including two threatened species – the Growling Grass Frog and Bibron’s Toadlet.

The River also provides essential habitat for one of Australia’s most iconic wildlife species – the Platypus, which are unfortunately considered locally threatened due to low numbers caused by habitat loss and pollution.

Growling Grass Frog

Image courtesy of Teresa T, public domain via Wikimedia Commons


#SeaToSource and 8 Rivers

#SeaToSource is an initiative powered by Conservation Volunteers Australia, supporting you to take action on one of the world’s most solvable environmental issues – ocean litter.

Part of the #SeaToSource project, 8 Rivers profiles 8 urban waterways in Australia, sharing information about their importance to the local environment and threats the rivers are facing from plastic litter.

Plastic is around 60-95% of the litter in our waterways and oceans, and causes a wide range of issues in these environments. We’re committed to reducing the amount of plastic litter entering our creeks, rivers and oceans and causing harm to the animals that call these places home.

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