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River Torrens

Stretching over 85km from Mount Pleasant in the Adelaide Hills to enter the Gulf of St Vincent at Henley Beach, the Torrens River flows through a range of environments from farmland to residential suburbs and the city centre of Adelaide. The river is home to small populations of the endangered native Mountain galaxias fish, and throughout its length provides a crucial habitat corridor for native plants and wildlife as well as valuable outdoor recreation spaces for local communities. Some say rivers are the foundation of civilisation. Today, rivers not only provide a steady source of drinking water and agriculture for societies, they are often at the centre of social events and quality family times. The River Torrens, also known as Karrawirra Parri is one river that has shaped Adelaide. The Torrens River river course runs through approximately 11 council districts, including Adelaide’s city centre. Under SA Water and the State Government’s regulations, River Torrens is now under extensive care and protection while it continues to support farmlands and vineyards in the upper catchment areas.


Rakali water-rat

A Rakali, or native water-rat, feeding on a walkway along the River Torrens in Adelaide


#SeaToSource and 8 Rivers

#SeaToSource is an initiative powered by Conservation Volunteers Australia, supporting you to take action on one of the world’s most solvable environmental issues – ocean litter.

Part of the #SeaToSource project, 8 Rivers profiles 8 urban waterways in Australia, sharing information about their importance to the local environment and threats the rivers are facing from plastic litter.

Plastic is around 60-95% of the litter in our waterways and oceans, and causes a wide range of issues in these environments. We’re committed to reducing the amount of plastic litter entering our creeks, rivers and oceans and causing harm to the animals that call these places home.

Head over to the Campfire to find out more about the River Torrens, and get involved in #SeaToSource

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