8 Rivers – Georges and Parramatta Rivers NSW

Georges River

Beginning in the upper forested reaches of Appin and Campbelltown, flowing through the bustling south-western Sydney suburbs of Liverpool and Hurstville and eventually connecting with Botany Bay, the Georges River catchment is home to approximately 1.4 million people. At almost 1,000 square kilometres in size, the catchment covers a hugely diverse range of environments. In its upper reaches you might be lucky enough to spot a cuddly koala around Campbelltown, or marvel at some incredible long-distance migratory shorebirds in the lower sections of Botany. Providing valuable green spaces in Sydney, one of the country’s largest urban centres, the river is also vital habitat for a diverse and unique collection of plants and animals, from Powerful Owls to soldier crabs.

Towra Point

The Georges River estuary at Towra Point, looking across Botany Bay to the Sydney CBD


Parramatta River

Flowing through the heart of Sydney into iconic Sydney Harbour, the Parramatta River drains one of the most densely populated areas of any of our 8 Rivers profiled in #SeaToSource. But the Parramatta River has many surprises in store – despite having a relatively small catchment area, supporting a busy ferry service and surrounded by a population of over 750,000 people, the Parramatta River supports over 100 threatened plant and animal species in its tidal and fresh water reaches. The wetlands, mangroves, and forests that were once widespread across the river have now been reduced to small and disconnected pockets of nature in amongst the concrete jungle. Amazingly, these pockets still act as critical habitat for the array of plants and animals found within the region, including 11 different types of Endangered Ecological Communities and close to 150 threatened species.In such a highly urbanised environment pollution, especially plastic litter, is an ongoing threat to the river.


Facemasks in Sydney Harbour

Face masks and other litter line the shores of the Parramatta River estuary, looking towards the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge


#SeaToSource and 8 Rivers

#SeaToSource is an initiative powered by Conservation Volunteers Australia, supporting you to take action on one of the world’s most solvable environmental issues – ocean litter.

Part of the #SeaToSource project, 8 Rivers profiles 8 urban waterways in Australia, sharing information about their importance to the local environment and threats the rivers are facing from plastic litter.

Plastic is around 60-95% of the litter in our waterways and oceans, and causes a wide range of issues in these environments. We’re committed to reducing the amount of plastic litter entering our creeks, rivers and oceans and causing harm to the animals that call these places home.


Head over to the Campfire to find out more about the Georges and Parramatta Rivers, and get involved in #SeaToSource