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Some of Conservation Volunteers Australia’s outstanding achievements in 2017 included planting almost 1,000,000 trees, carrying out 2,300 environmental surveys, and collecting
over 1.4 tonnes of native seeds

Upcoming Events

World Wetlands Day February 2 2019

We will be celebrating World Wetlands Day (WWD) 2019 with wetland restoration and education activities around the country. WWD falls on February 2 and marks the day the international Convention on the Wise Use of Wetlands (known as the Ramsar Convention) was signed in in the Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971. WWD is a day […]
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World Curlew Day April 21 2019

April 21 is World Curlew Day, a day to raise awareness about this unique shorebird that is facing habitat loss and the threat of extinction. There are eight species of Curlew found around the world and the largest of them all, the Far Eastern Curlew, migrates to northern and eastern Australian shorelines to feed during […]
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Latest News

Silver Poplar and The Green Line

We have been working with Basalt 2 Bay (B2B) Landcare Network to tackle Silver Poplar in The Green Line, a 37 km long section of the former Koroit to Hamilton Railway line, running form Koroit to Minhamite, that now forms a valuable habitat corridor for native plants and wildlife. B2B Facilitator Lisette Mill shares her […]
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Beach Scrub Clean Up

Beach scrub is vegetation on coastal dunes comprising of trees to the height of 20m, semi-evergreen vine thickets, shrubs and a ground layer. Beach scrub is found in patches along the east coast of Australia and is recognised as important for stabilising sand dunes and protecting inland areas from storm surges.  This endangered vegetation has […]
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Conservation Volunteers Celebrates National Recycling Week with a Corporate Clean Up Day Challenge at Rose Bay Beach

Rose Bay Beach located in the heart of Sydney has benefited from the removal of unwanted litter in celebration of National Recycling Week. The Sydney corporate community participated in a corporate clean up day challenge, enjoying some healthy competition with four teams competing against each other to collect, sort and record as much micro litter as possible in […]
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$5 million to tackle marine debris across the Great Barrier Reef

Tangaroa Blue Foundation and Conservation Volunteers Australia are excited to announce that we have been engaged by the Australian Government to deliver a $5 million program of local actions to clean up and prevent litter from entering Great Barrier Reef waterways over the next five years. Tangaroa Blue Foundation is a leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to […]
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Australian Aboriginal FlagConservation Volunteers respectfully acknowledges Traditional Owners and Indigenous Peoples, their rich and dynamic cultures and their continuing unique affinity and cultural obligations for land and sea. We pay our respect to them and their cultures, and to elders both past and present.