Brookfield Conservation Park

Brookfield Conservation Park is situated in the Riverland region of South Australia and is managed by Conservation Volunteers on behalf of the South Australian Government. Home to an assortment of flora and fauna species, Conservation Volunteers undertakes a range of volunteer activities in both the park and in the surrounding area, with a focus on research of threatened species, including the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat and their habitat.

Brookfield Conservation Park forms an integral part of a major area of mallee vegetation within the South Australian Murray Darling Basin. It has remained an important location for ongoing research with approximately two thirds of the park being closed to the general public for long and short term scientific research programs being undertaken by both local and international scientists, researchers and Universities with a new emphasis on citizen science.

It is rich in wildlife, and as well as the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat, it is also home to the Fat-tailed Dunnart, Common Dunnart, Red & Western Grey Kangaroos and Emus. These share the park with prolific bird life including the nationally vulnerable Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata), Ground Cuckoo Shrikes and Australian Owlet Nightjars and many reptiles.

Conservation Volunteers works closely with the Friends of Brookfield Conservation Park and has also developed partnerships with land managers of the surrounding properties to establish biological links with nearby areas of habitat. It is envisaged that Brookfield Conservation Park will be utilized as the focus for a regional network of sanctuaries and private land owners, ensuring improved best practice management across the landscape and eventually becoming a leading conservation volunteer & research centre in South Australia.

Read more about our partnership in the IUCN publication “Innovation for 21st Century Conservation”: Brookfield – A New Approach to the Management of Public Land”.

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